Monday, January 28, 2019

Cyberpunk 2020 - Imitation of Life

Imitation of Life

Sometimes people don't want others to know they have a metal arm or leg. They would much rather appear to be a completely meat house person in this age replacement parts. Which can set you apart from the regular crowd of teched out junkies walking around. This is where Imitation of Life comes into play.

Forget RealSkinn, we go beyond their pitiful attempts at appearing life like. When you get your cyberlimb covered by our product nobody will be able to tell the difference. The secret is in a biolink to the rest of your body and the replicating what that limb should be doing on the physical level. What can it do you may ask, well let's give you a quick rundown of features.

Pulse. Anybody checking for a pulse on your arm will feel one. Completely synchronized with your current heartbeat so it's pumping fast when you've been running and low and slow when asleep.

Goosebumps. The hairs on your artificial arm will stand up and small bumps will appear whenever they do on the rest of your body.

Small cuts and scrapes. Small droplets of blood will appear and scab over. The skin underneath will also slowly heal over time.

Blushing and skin tone. Of course your skin will match up with the rest of you all the way down to blemishes and marks. Even slightly blushing when necessary.

So if you're wanting to stop looking like a chrome junkie and ready to rejoin the ranks of the normal humans then we have the product you are looking for. Imitation of Life, enabling you to continue on with a normal one.

ID Code: ImOL

Cost: 500eb for an arm and 750eb for a leg.

System. Same as Realskinn but the check to detect the cyberlimb is now at NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE difficulty on a visual inspection. Also lowers the HC for the limb by 1D6. Uses up an extra option space on the limb.

Sponsorship: Imitation of Life is not offering sponsorships at this time since the entire point of the line is so other are not aware of the cyberlimb. However if someone with a celebrity or near celebrity reputation were wishing to switch over to their covering they will be more than happy to talk with them. They have done “Back to normal” style commercials where they focus on those who have decided to ditch the chrome look in favor of the new real appearance. In this case they will not only pay for the coverings but also several hundred eb for about a couple hours of interview videos before and after installation.

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