Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Needing some help

Well after my recent fight with Covid that included a month long hospital stay and time spend on a ventilator my family is having some financial issues. Having trouble with my short term disability since I went from one claim for my back and right into Covid with no return to work. Trying to fill the gaps there but it may take some time. 

Meanwhile there are bills to pay and groceries that need to be bought. My wife is on disability as well so we are on a super limited budget that is not going to pay everything. 

So I'm asking for help financially to anyone who is kind enough to help out. Any amount is appreciated.

My paypal is:

My wife's Venmo is: @katie-nixon-22

I have pdfs up for sale on both DrivethruRPG and Itch if you wish to purchase those.

Also the links to Amazon and DrivethruRPG on my blog here give me a little kickback on any purchases made through clicking on them.

If you don't wish to use any electronic form to help out and wish to send something through the mail just email me at: peteramthor AT gmail dot com and I will provide you with my address. 

Thanks ahead of time.

Normally I don't ask for help but right now I'm not seeing much choice in order to make ends meet and have a roof over our heads here. Hopefully I can get some things straightened out soon with my short term disability and get some income rolling in. Then hoping I recover physically enough to return to work within a couple months.