Saturday, December 26, 2020

Cash Strapped: Art and Arcana for Dungeons and Dragons


The art book "Art and Arcana" for Dungeons and Dragons is now on a huge sale. Only 9 bucks (despite what the picture link says) for what was once a 50 dollar book. It's hefty tome that looks at the artwork, products and designs for Dungeons and Dragons over it's lifetime. Well worth it for any fantasy gaming fan. 

EDIT: Well the big sale is done but the book is still up at like 50 percent off. 

Monday, December 21, 2020

Six Pack: Dirty Magic Items 2


Several years ago (2014 to be exact) I put out a 'six pack' of magic items that were of an adult nature. So I've decided to dig through some various scraps and notes from either games I've ran or ideas I jotted down to present another set of six.

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Please be warned, these are of an adult nature. 

Six Pack: Dirty Magic Items 2

Collars of Devotion

A set of five black leather collars and a silver ring. Whoever wears the ring (the controller) can concentrate and feel wherever anyone who is wearing one of the collars (the thralls) is and what they are doing. If a thrall is having sexual intercourse with another person the controller can pull magic points from their partner and into the collar to collect for themselves at a later date. Whenever the controller touches a thrall they can drain the points into the ring which doubles as a magic soak. If the controller has intercourse with one of the thralls then when that person reaches climax the controller can pull all the magical energy from them into the ring. However doing this will leave the thrall unconscious for the next 8 hours. The thralls also feels the urge to obey anything the controller commands, and fall into a state of euphoric bliss when they are in their presence.

Rear Vision

This is a normal looking large metal buttplug with an end that is jeweled to look like an eye. Despite the appearance it does not trip metal detectors or show up on full body scans. When a person puts the plug into another persons anus they can utter a command phrase. Afterwards anything the plugged person sees or hears will be heard by the person placing it there if they are in a quiet room and concentrate. A person 'wearing' the plug cannot remove it of their own accord. If the plug is removed for any reason the connection is lost.

Boots of Dominus Maximus

This is a pair of thigh high black leather 'stripper' boots fitted for a person of feminine form. Anyone who comes into view of the wearer is dumbstruck in is filled with a sense of awe. The wearer has increases to their intimidation, seduction and interrogation type skills. The longer a person stays around the wearer the more under their influence they come and susceptible to the demands that are given to them.

Anklet of Attentions

A silver anklet with a charm that appears to be a broken heart mended back together with a line of gold. The person intending to wear this will hold it in their hands and whisper their desired traits in a sexual partner. This includes, gender, sexuality, kinks, appearance, anything they are looking for. Then they put the anklet on and go out and about their business. Anyone matching those traits will feel drawn to the person wearing the anklet and have a desire to talk to them.

Mirrorshades of Perverse Reflection

What appears to be a pair of simple round mirror lensed sunglasses. However inspection shows several almost microscopic runes written on the inside of the lenses. Whenever the wearer looks directly at a target and utters the activation phrase “your darkest” the traget then sees the wearer as their most idea sexual partner for their deepest repressed perversions and kinks. This isn't limited to sound either they also hear the wearer in the same way.

The Wolf Suit

A full black leather gimp suit with a dog mask, buttplug tail and paw gloves and boots. Once someone is completely strapped into this the person (the owner) who helped then get into it gives an activation phrase “beast released”. When that happens the person and the suit are transformed into a very large black wolf. The new wolf now has lower than human mental capacity but is completely loyal to the owner and their commands. A phrase “beast dismissed” will turn them and the suit back to normal. Also if they are killed they will return to their original form as well.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Gone Fishing part 2


Let's take another look at the difficulty number on fishing holes. 

As was pointed out by Kyrinn S. Eis there needs to be some sort of meaning between the different ranges of difficulty. Otherwise who wouldn't just spend all their time at a level 5 hole and never bother with any of the tougher ones. 

Area and opportunity. Some places just may not have a good place to fish. Going across a wretched land may provide very few spots and they may be hard to get anything out of. So all you may come across is level 20 holes that produces very little. Also when going on an adventure you may not get a choice of where to fish along the way. That great place where they are jumping the kobolds may be camped out around.

Another factor to show the difference may be in the quality of fish. That hole with a difficulty of 5 may produce nothing but Perch and Bluegill all day long, maybe a rare bass from time to time. While that hole up around the bend may be hard to fish out of but produces some of the biggest Catfish anybody has ever seen. You could also put some high end fish in the harder places as well or even some that are spell components or magical in nature. 

Finally one more reason to make the difficulty of a fishing hole important is to increase your skill. You can only increase your skill at a hole that has a difficulty than your skill level. So if you get to level 5 in your fishing skill you will have to leave that easy fishing hole and go someplace tougher to get better. This could also lead to some adventuring just to get some time at those hard to fish from holes that may be rare. 

Next installment I'll try to get a few sample Fishing Holes written up. 

You can find the first part of Gone Fishing RIGHT HERE, or you could click on the 'fishing' label attached to this post to find it.

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Fishing minigame


One thing we see in so many video games out there is a fishing minigame dropped into a regular (usually fantasy) game. Even if what the game is about has nothing to do with fishing there are so many that offer up a chance to toss a line into the water to catch something. So why not do that with tabletop roleplaying games for something a little different. 

So I present to you the very rough, very unplaytested, Truly Rural Publishing Fishing Minigame Rules. These may change, they get all sorts of changed, none of the fish charts are all encompassing. Hell I may never work on it again, who knows?

The fishing rules revolve around a single D20 roll. You add your fishing skill + any bonuses + die roll and beat the target number of the fishing hole. The amount over the target number you roll determines what kind of fish you catch from the chart for the fishing hole.

A characters fishing skill starts off at level 0 and can go all the way up to 20. To raise your skill level you must spend a total number of days fishing equal to the next skill level. So to go from level 0 to 1 you must spend 24 hours of time fishing while going from level 1 to 2 will take 2 days or 48 hours. Keep track of your fishing time. The fishing hole determines how much time it takes to catch a fish.

Bonuses are from gear or magical items. Common gear bonuses are +1 for decent fishing gear, +2 for top of the line gear. Magical Items and specialized gear will be listed in the next (hopefully) instalment of these rules.

The Fishing Hole stats. A fishing hole has a target number that must be beat. As a rule the less likely one is to catch a fish from a fishing hole the higher it's target number. So a hole with a target number of 5 is easy to catch fish out of. The number then goes up by fives (5, 10, 15, 20) as the more difficult it is to catch a fish. The amount of hours needed to catch a fish is determined by dividing the difficulty by 5. So a difficulty 15 fishing hole may take up to 3 hours to catch a fish. There just aren't many there. Specialized gear (again forthcoming) can reduce that time.

Finally I have up one chart for freshwater fish that can be caught. This is a very basic list and each fishing hole could have their own custom tailored list with as many or as few types of fish in that location. I'll be doing more details on to this in the future.... if people are interested. Here is the basic list, the number on the left is how much you beat the target number by and the fish you caught is on the right. 

1-2      Crappie

2-4      Bluegill

5-6      Perch

7-8      Large Mouth Bass

9-10    Rainbow Trout

11-12  Striped Bass

13-14  Catfish

15-16  Flathead Catfish

17-18  Walleye 

19-20  Salmon 

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Part Two can be found RIGHT HERE. Or you can look at the labels on this post and click on 'fishing' to find it and future installments. 

Happy Fishing.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Artic goggles


Saw this floating around on Facebook. You can damn well bet the next time I run a game in an artic setting these will be in there. Most likely with a few of them having magical abilities. 

In the comments section let me know what kind of magic you think these would have.