Sunday, October 28, 2018

WaRP ezine pros and cons

Currently been thinking of a different way to release material for WaRP than what I was planning.  Originally my ideas was to put out individual small sourcebooks for specific things. Such at the collection of modern magic items.  However I have a lot of little unconnected ideas running around as well. 

So the new idea is to release it under and ezine like format.  A few different WaRP articles, maybe a bit of fiction, some other generic articles like GM advice and what not.  Some stock and clip art to finish it up.  But I'm not sure which way to go so I'm making a pro and con list for the ezine format.


Allows me to use scattered one off bits that I've written up.
The ezine format is pretty popular right now.
Easier to release on a more timely manner since I'm not putting everything into one idea even though my interest may bounce back and forth.
It would allow a continuous stream of thought for me, such a regular articles on certain subjects.


A specific type of thing somebody may be interested in could be scattered across multiple issues.
People not happy buying an entire issue when they only have interest in the fantasy bit or whatever.

Does anybody else have any pros and cons that I've missed?

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Be A Better Player vol 2 is now live.

Be A Better Player vol 2 is now up on DrivethruRPG.

The final eight articles of that series I did here many years ago PLUS two completely new articles I wrote just for this compilation.  So between the two volumes that brings the total up to an even twenty.

For those that don't know the Be A Better Player series of articles was an attempt at providing advice to players instead of GM's since there is GM advice everywhere.  Most included a short story of an example along with some humor, snark and actual real advice afterwards. 

Find it here on DrivethruRPG.
Or here on RPGNow.

Priced at only a buck forty nine it's not to bad of a deal.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Jaded Gamer Diary - well I will remember.

Well over the many years I've been online I've made a lot of friends.  Many of them have went on to produce their own stuff online and put it up for sale.  So many times I have retweeted, blogged, signal boosted and tried to help promote their stuff.  Just because I'm a friend trying to help out a friend. 

Now that I have started to release my own material for sale... well lets just say there is cricket noises from those I've tried to help in the past.  Oh over on Twitter the DrivethruRPG account retweets my products tweets and I am grateful for that.  Even John Nephew whom I've never met or talked with retweeted me.  Other than that... cricket noises. Facebook, G+, etc same thing.  Nadda. 

So I will remember this. I've got my own back. But I will also rethink my relationship towards some people that I thought were more than just names on a social network.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Demon City - Shinjuku - remastered - full movie

Want some more modern day horror ideas.  Just watch this movie for several.  A classic anime from back in the day that I used to own on VHS. They don't make em like this anymore.

Modern Magic Items now up for sale

Finished and now up on DrivethruRPG is Modern Magic Items from Truly Rural Productions.   A collection of various items that can add a little extra spice to your modern day games.  Game stats are done using the WaRP OGL from Atlas Games.

Find Truly Rural Producitons HERE.

Also did I mention that it's only a dollar?

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Truly Rural Productions 10-3-18

You can find Truly Rural Productions at DrivethruRPG: BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE.

You can find Truly Rural Productions on Facebook: BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE.

Current standings on what I'm trying to push out the gate.

Modern Day Magic Items.
Writing is done just a touch up on the intro is all I want to do now. Some of the pics are found but I would like to find a few more through open clip/stock art sources. On Sunday (10/7) I plan on taking what I have and laying it all out and uploading it to Drivethru.

Be A Better Player Vol 2
Compile articles 11 - 18 together onto one page. Write 19 and 20 and add them into the compilation. Find pics for them, use same cover art though. Layout and upload.

Blood Magic
Digging through some old half finished notes and pulling some stuff out of my old Kult folders and seeing what I have to work with. Convert it all over to WaRP. Found a couple of free stock art pictures to use so far.

Stock Art
Have about eight more images already scanned in. Putting them up about two or so a month.  No more after until I can either get my old scanner working again or buy a new one.

Stopped worrying about offering up the pdfs in other formats like mobi or epub since nobody seemed interested at all when I asked around. Maybe at some point I the future I will look into learning how to convert over to use those.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Be A Better Player now up on DrivethruRPG.

Somehow I forgot to mention that the first volume of 'Be A Better Player' is now up on DrivethruRPG.  Collecting the first ten articles, some of which got a little polishing, of the series which appeared on this blog.  Working on the second volume now which will collect the remaining eight articles and two new ones together.  Hopefully I will have it done by the end of October.

CLICK HERE to get see it on DrivethruRPG.

Got more products in the works that will hopefully be coming along pretty soon as well.