Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dirty Six Pack - Six magic items from the naughty side of things.

Dirty Six Pack

Six modern magic items that fall into a bit of the naughty side of things.

Presented with stats for the WaRP system.

Strippers Dollar

Looks like an ordinary dollar in every fashion, a bit worn and well used. These are specifically made for businesses of erotic natures, almost always strip clubs. The staff are immune to the effects and the dollar loses all power if removed from the premises for more than a day.

Usually handed out a change or in requests for ones at the bar. What this does is make the person who possess it want to spend all their money at the location. Including withdrawing cash from their checking accounts at a convenient nearby ATM and every cent on them. The main urge for spending is on either the strippers for any activity they can purchase or for more alcoholic beverages to drink.

A completely sober person can roll to resist this urge with a difficulty factor of 7. But the more they drink the harder it is to resist. A few drinks raises it to 11, a good buzz raises it to 14t and getting full drunk raises it to 18. For this reason the staff are instructed only to give them out to patrons who have already been drinking (and preferably very wealthy).

Ballgag of Silencing

Very elegant looking ballgag. The ball is made of solid black rubber, the straps are polished leather that lead back to a set of adjustable rings and a small silver lock. Along the straps are the words 'Silence is Golden' on both sides.

To activate it cannot be put on by the wearer and instead has to be done by another person. The wearer must be kneeling facing away from the person attaching it and must be completely silent as it is done. After locking the gag on the person who attached it must take the key. Once in place any noise that the wearer creates, from vocal, to footsteps and even shooting a firearm is completely silent.

There is no roll for anyone or anything to hear the wearer as the sounds are not just muffled but eliminated completely.

Oil of Deftness

Another item that the wearer cannot apply themselves and must have another do it for them. This is a very slick oil that is poured from a decorative clay jar. It only requires a small amount of oil as it will spread rather easily. The person applying it must then rub it over the persons entire body, every single bit, yes even those bits. It must be massaged into their skin over the course of about an hour.

Afterward the wearer is then much more nimble and dexterous than before. They gain a bonus die for any physical action that requires dodging, squeezing through narrow areas, and moving out of the way of danger. Also any person attempting to engage in hand to hand suffers a penalty die to hit or grapple a person wearing the oil.

Collar of Obedience

A metal collar of simple design. A polished black metal ring with a hinge in the back and a lock that fastens in the front with a loop for a leash to be attached. It only works when attached to somebody beaten in physical combat by the victor. Once locked in place it is very difficult to remove.

The wearer is forced at the mercy or the victors commands. Resisting the orders have a difficulty factor of 18. Also the lock itself is hard to undo without the key with a difficulty factor of 14.

The collar also creates a subconscious feeling of submission to the victor. Responses to orders are usually ended with a 'Yes Sir (or Miss)' unless ordered another form of address. The longer the collar is on them the more ingrained this feeling becomes until it is second nature and the will of the wearer is completely drained away leaving a completely loyal servant even if the collar is removed.

The Truthful Lash

A well worn riding crap made of leather. Anyone with knowledge of determining such a tools age would be able to tell it is quite old. The use is rather simple whenever you ask somebody a question and then strike them with the Lash they have to roll if they don't want to answer with the absolute truth. The difficulty factor is 11 for each question. If the person doing the striking is within the victims sexual preferences then they get a penalty die to their roll to resist answering.

Obscuring Mask

A leather fetish mask complete with zippered mouth. The person using the mask simply has to pull the zipper shut to activate this object. When active nobody can remember any specific details about the person wearing it, voice, what they said, what they wore, tattoos and will not entirely be sure of what they were doing. Most people simply overlook the presence of the wearer completely. Anybody with a specific trait around having a good memory can make a roll to remember with a Difficulty Factor of 11.