Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Question of Faith: Dark Dogs


Dark Dogs

A demonic servant for Question of Faith

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These servants of the Demonic forces are something to be reckoned with. They are used almost exclusively to hunt down specific targets and slaughter them... and usually anyone else who is nearby or gets in the way. Although used as a last resort as their presence is hard to miss once they are on the attack and it becomes obvious there is Demonic involvement.


These hulking skull faced beasts stand four feet at their shoulders. Their skin is dark and red with no hair. The bones show through as does every fold of muscle in their bodies. They breath deeply as if constantly gasping for breath. With eyes that dart back forth always watching everything around them.

These creatures have to be summoned by a demon of great power. Requiring the sacrifice of two normal untainted humans as well. The creatures are only granted one at a time and their target must be given to them when they arrive. Usually by giving the creatures something with their scent on it or of extreme value to that individual. They will then begin the hunt making their way to the victim. Once the person is dead they will normally return to the other side. However there have been instances where they have stayed and wreaked havoc for months until they are put down.

Cursed Traits

Inhuman Power. They are stronger than anything of their size and have no mercy when using that strength. Forcing their way through guards like they were nothing, ramming through barricades using their horned skull heads as battering rams. Whatever it takes.

The Scent. Once assigned a target they can feel them no matter where they are in the world and will head off in that direction. While not always in a straight line they will eventually make their way to them unless they are killed first.


They have massive claws on their feet which are sharp enough to slice through muscle and bone like it is simply butter. They use these as their main form of attack. But they have been known to ram people with their heads causing massive blunt trauma and sending the bodies flying like rag dolls. Finally they have a bite with a mouthful of jagged sharp teeth. Which they are known to stop and eat people on their way to the target from time to time.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Question of Faith: Salt Crows

Salt Crows

A demonic servant for Question of Faith.

These are one of the many servants of the Demonic forces that are at the beck and call of their masters. Fortunately they are usually only a handful in numbers at a time and used sparingly. Used for when they need to create an apparent blight to either weaken a town or to temporarily throw it's residents into a panic. Although they have also been employed as spies for those who can see through them.


Emaciated large birds gray in color and caked in salt. Their eyes are empty sockets with many of their feathers matted or gone completely. Their call a jagged crackle that can be heard over a great distance.

These creatures are summoned through a ritual by a demon of at least average human intelligence. It involves the sacrifice of five regular healthy birds in the process. This will grant the demon between one to four Salt Crows that will obey their commands and will serve them for two weeks before vanishing back to the other side.

Cursed Traits:

The Blight. These creatures will peck at the fruit of crops with their sharp beaks. Causing it to decay almost immediately. Within a couple of hours the entire plant will blacken and die. They will usually go from one crop to the next taking out entire rows within the span of an hour. Two or three Salt Crows can wipe out an entire field over night.

The Sight. The summoner can concentrate and see from the crows point of view. Directing them to fly to specific locations and hearing what they can is also part of this trait.


Talons and their beak are the only forms of attack they possess. Going after their targets eyes or other exposed areas. They are, however, a bit more frail than normal birds and are easier to take down with a single hit or two.


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