Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cyberpunk 2020 roles

Been looking at picking up Team Fortress 2 for something to play after the kids are asleep. It looks like a good fun stress relieving first person shooter. Now while I was looking at the various classes for it I came to a thought.

One of the problems with Cyberpunk 2020 was trying to fit all the Roles together in a game. They were of a wide variety and it didn't really make sense for them to work together most of the time. So why not make different Roles to fit the specific style of game that you want to run. Team Fortress 2 already has a great breakdown for a combat action style of game. Basically breaking down the Solo role into specialties.

Team Fortress 2 has Scout, Heavy, Sniper, Spy, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Engineer and Medic. For a humorous view of each class (except pyro and medic) you can check out the class trailers at:

In a Cyberpunk game each of them would get a special skill to fit them. Soldier would get the regular Solo one, Demoman would get explosive bonuses, Snipers would get a hella bonus on aimed distance shots, etc. The only one I probably wouldn't use is Pyro.

This would help with the Rogue Television idea I've been working on for years also. Various media type classes along with a security class.