Sunday, June 26, 2016

Advanced Fighting Fantasy

Been looking at picking up Advanced Fighting Fantasy here over the last few days.  After reading over the quickstart it looks to be pretty much exactly what I want in a simple fantasy system.  It's based off of the old Fighting Fantasy choose your own adventure books (a system I was trying to emulate last year in a homebrew).  Now with my love of the old Sorcery! and Warlock of Firetop Mountain books this seems right up my alley.

The overall system is dirt simple, 2D6 and roll under for stat checks, for combat 2D6 + Skill Stat + any modifiers vs opponents roll of the same thing.  A D6 roll to determine damage based off of the weapon.  Looks to be a really good system for me.  While there doesn't seem to be a strong fan base here in the states there is a good one overseas.  I'll just have to do a little work to help build up some steam for it here locally whenever I get it.

But sadly, like most everything else I've wanted lately, it doesn't appear to be available through general distribution channels here in the United States anymore.  So I can't get it through my friendly local game shop where I have store credit available to pay for the book.  Also I don't have enough credit with Drivethru through the affiliate program to get it either.  With my extra funds floating around zero right now with my wedding coming up I can't spend anything straight out of pocket currently.  So I'm having to wait, eventually it will be mine.

Oh and I don't pirate games either so that isn't an option that I even consider.

For anyone else who is interested here are some quick drivethru links. 

Advanced Fighting Fantasy Quickstart rules.

Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd Ed

AFF Heroes Companion

The Arion Games website for AFF

It looks to be very worth looking into for anyone who wants a rules simple fantasy game system.  And yes I will get a few pennies in kickback if you use the links above and purchase anything (same with the links over on the right) but I have to try.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Dark Night Black Squads

Dark Night black squads.

“I don't know man they were just there all of a sudden. They didn't wear what Dark Night folks usually wear, these guys had on blocker. Only it was all black with their logo on it, like in white spray paint or something. Their helmets were different though, all smooth and featureless like. No eyes man, no eyes. They just started shooting everyone in sight. Me and four others made it away by dropping into the sewers. Then after the pig showed up I was the only one who made it out of there.”

Civilian Jack Stallbrick. Sole survivor of a black squad massacre.

An old threat has taken up a new tactic downtown. Ditching their own armor in favor of using apparently stolen Sla Industries supplies. These small teams of black clad killers are a growing concern for many of the people living in the lower parts of the city. But finding proof of their existence beyond a few very lucky survivors is like finding an honest man in the black market business.

Reports have been called in, Shiver units and Operative Squads were sent to the scene. But by the time either of them arrive all that they find is dead bodies, shell casings and empty streets. Some Shiver units who arrive on the scene first have been hit with a chemical weapon in the form of a gas that goes right through all current filtration devices. Effects are a short term induced coma and memory loss. Some units found their team mates killed after the gas was used on them. There are even some rumors of Operative squads finding entire Sleeper Shiver units dead upon arrival.

“Yeah it was a fucking mess man. Seven Shivers dead, two wounded and one in good shape in their APC but knocked out from the gas. Not to mention what looked liked around fifteen dead gang members and several other civilians caught in the middle. No survivors, no witnesses to talk to us. All we could do was pick up the pieces.”

Connie “Killer C” Jones SLC 8.5 of squad 'Clown Shock'.

Sla Industries spokesmen have nothing to say about the matter other than the situation is being looked into. While Shiver Commanders are adamant that something is going on and they have lost to many good troopers to this new threat. While a few of our deeper sources in downtown are saying that some Dark Night operatives are claiming that their company has nothing to do with these attacks and, while without any proof, are blaming Thresher for equipping whoever these teams are.

Any news or tips feel free to contact us at the Station 259 Downtown news desk. This is reporter Mark Clemmons signing off.
You can find Sla Industries material (including the core rulebook at 'pay what you want' pricing) on the Nightfall Games page on Drivethrurpg.