Friday, December 16, 2016

Two books ordered.

Finally got enough affiliate credit built up at Drivethru RPG that I am able to order a couple of print products.  One is a book that's been on my wishlist for quite a while and the other is from the new list of books that WOTC is putting up on POD now days.  Not sure how long it will take to get them in but at least I got them ordered.  Finally something new in my hands to look at.

First I picked up Spellcraft and Swordplay: Eldritch Witchery.  They have it in print for a pretty cheap price and you get the pdf for free when you do so.  That's what I call getting the double when ordering your POD stuff.

I had read some good reviews on this and got some good word of mouth from people whose opinions I trust.  Hoping that it lives up to the hype of having that OSR feel and look while at the same time having better writing than most stuff did from back in the day.

Then I also grabbed AC1 The Shady Dragon Inn for basic Dungeons and Dragons.  Being a big fan of the old BECMI series, and since they don't have the Rules Cyclopedia up yet in POD, I thought a good resource book would do the trick.  Always nice to have something handy to grab nearby when you need a quick NPC.    This will be the first reprint of the old TSR stuff that I will be able to lay eyes on so I'm looking forward to that. 

Hoping to add some more goodness from that era of DnD to my shelf soon.  Well after they get a few more books up that I want, although Hollow World is really calling to me already, and I get some more affiliate credit built up.

For those interested in the new POD material from WOTC for the older books that are no longer in print I have a page set up with everything they have (so far) divided out by edition.  I update it whenever they put up a new batch on Tuesdays. 

List of POD Dungeons and Dragons books now available from DrivethruRPG. 

Can't wait for these to come in.  I'll give you my opinion on each of them when they do.  Thanks for reading.