Sunday, April 14, 2019

Jaded Gamer Diary - Why so serious?

It's been a while.

Although I think I finally figured out some of my issues with the online table top role playing games community at large. Hopefully now that I have done this it will make it easier to switch my focus around a bit and stay away from what distracts me and shoots my motivation straight into the toilet.  What is the main issue? Glad you asked.

Why the hell is everyone so damned serious all the time.

Recently the gaming Twitter community blew up over GM's fudging die rolls. To quote Deadpool, "Holy shit balls" was it a blow up. Some people were outright spitting venom over this. Talking about how it breaks the social contract, that those who fudge die rolls shouldn't even be running games and that they are simply terrible people for it.

To those people I have a hearty quote from Bubbles "Fuck you, it's a loner cat". While there is actually no cat involved I do feel that line works very well. Because to hell with those people who want to tell you how, exactly how, you should run your games. Many of these folks I've seen screaming about 'one true wayism' last year while they are telling you that you need to follow their one true wayism now.

Running and playing in a game isn't serious business, at least it shouldn't be. But damned if some people are dead serious in telling others that they are doing something wrong.

Why the hell so serious? Is it hurting you personally? Is the die god punishing others for those who sin and fudge die rolls?