Sunday, June 2, 2019

Jaded Gamer Diary - UK Expo meets uber creepy GM

Okay over in the UK this weekend was the UK Games Expo, a pretty big gaming convention that I had heard a lot about (nearly every bit positive). Bunch of gamers getting together and having a good time. But then a tweet rant out over on Twitter that got a lot of attention.

Just had the worst rpg experience of my life. Signed up for a Things from the Flood game and the GM decided it would be perfectly all right to have all our characters kidnapped and gang raped without discussing it with anyone first. Told us he enjoyed the shock factor of it...

Yeah that's pretty screwed up. Quickly word spread and folks were firing off messages to the con about how this could happen.  Thankfully the folks at the UKGE were on top of things and took care of it pretty fast. The shitbag GM was located, ejected from the con and banned for life. The players were tracked down and apologized to by the staff.  You can read their full account of the issue here.

Turns out the guy was known for being a creepy POS but had evidently kept off the radar long enough that nobody spotted him attending. People were applauding the con, the people in the game who came forward and generally the thing came to about the best end that it could.  Until....


Then thing pumped into overdrive rather quickly. As with any bad news about the hobby that makes it on to the 'regular' new channels everyone started talking. It got real busy real fast. Of course this leads to folks like Jim "rape is great" Desborough who will jump into any controversy in hopes of getting more attention defending the GM. Of course the double standard creep that Jim is he's angling in from the 'free speech' and 'horror gaming means anything goes' points. Even going as far to paint the guy as the 'real' victim in this issue. But what do you expect from a guy who doesn't understand a single thought about boundaries and lines that don't need to be crossed.

 A few others have chimed up in the guys defense, just not to full on dumbass level like Jim. Thankfully even on some of the worst game forums out there they are the minority. It did give me a good time to update my block lists though.

Didn't share the name of the original tweeter in case they don't want anymore hassle, if they want to be listed that person can let me know in the comments. Also if anyone would like to comment the name of the GM in question please do so.