Friday, October 30, 2020

Cash Strapped - DnD 5th edition


Time for a Cash Strapped post folks. For this one I'm linking to a hell of a good deal for those who are interested in picking up Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition for a nice discounted price. Oh and what a deal it is. 

The three core books with special edition foil covers, a DM screen and a slipcase to hold them. For a lot less than the three core books by themselves. This special slip case edition comes in at almost 78 bucks off the regular price. Can't beat that with a stick. 

Get this deal over at Amazon before it's gone. Oh and yes I do get a little kickback if you buy it through this link. 

Friday, October 16, 2020

Vampire the Masquerade Winter's Teeth issue 3 review

Winters Teeth 

Issue 3 

Vault Comics

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This issue hits the stand with quite a bit of action between the covers. The story picks up with Cecily's investigation into the slaughter of the Nosferatu that occurred last issue. Showcasing the brutality of what happened while bringing along her Ali whom she is still declaring as her childe. We get to see some build up, some story stings coming together and even a fight with the surreal looking bad guys who did the massacre. Don't get attached to anyone by the way. Also we discover something bad has happened to Prince Samantha while all this was going on.

The Anarch Tales secondary storyline also picks up quite a bit. We get a bit more details on one of the group members and their motivations. Then their escape from the hunters which captured most of them last issue. So it's going together nicely as well. Still wondering if this will tie into the main story or not. 

In the back we get more material for the roleplaying game. Information for the Wolves in Sheeps clothing bad guys, some new powers and another group of villains called the Nictuku.

The art continues to be at the same quality standard as the previous issues. I feel the writing is maybe a little bit better than the first two issues. Still giving us necessary details for the story without dumping a ton of setting information in order to do so. 

So once again, two thumbs up and recommended for fans of the new and old versions of Vampire the Masquerade. Heck even those who are not fans may enjoy this story.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Narrative design - The Archer


Thinking along the lines of narrative game design elements and mixing a few in with a more traditional system for Kainis. One idea I've toyed around with is that each player has a number of 'Story Points' to spend on special abilities. These abilities are determined partially by a rough character class outline and the rest through choices made during character creation. Here are a few I came up with for The Archer.

First off The Archer does not keep track of arrow count unless the GM deems it necessary in a 'limited resources' type of game. So running out is something that needs to have impact in the game.

"My Last Shot" - This means The Archer is using their very last arrow on their character. Done at a time when it really needs to count. It results in gaining an improved chance of success and and improved amount of damage to the target. Cost: 1 point.

"Scrounging for Arrows" - Usable after The Archer runs out of arrows in one way or another. They spend a few rounds looking over the bodies of enemies or through a suitable location that may logically have a few laying around. For every story point spent they get a single arrow. Keep track of these because when they are used you have two choices. Use the arrow normally and you gain the story point back OR use the arrow with an increased chance to hit and you lose the story point you spent for that arrow.

"For your consideration" - This is done to perform a trick shot in a non-combat situation. By spending one point you automatically succeed in making a simple trick shot while not under any sort of duress. 

"Using what is at hand" - Used during close combat where ranged attacks aren't very feasible. The Archer is able to use an arrow as a stabbing weapon using their ranged attack skill although the damage is half of a normal arrow hit. Cost: 1 point.