Friday, October 19, 2012

Screams From The Outhouse - Cyberlimb Thoughts


Let's take a look at cyberlimbs a bit. Not in the losing humanity or becoming more machine. Just a quick look at some ideas on the limbs themselves. A bit how they would operate and be designed.

Unsealed systems. What you see in most cyberpunk style artwork. Require cleaning, oiling and general upkeep. This would also be the earliest type created and would create an entire secondary market of cleaning products, self done mod kits for appearances and various upgrades.

Sealed systems. Cost more but require no cleaning as everything is enclosed. One small injection port for a synthetic lubricant to be added when required and maybe one more for charging the system. A perfect location would be in the fingernails as they could operate as a covering flap when not being used.

Powering cyberlimbs. Most have a rechargeable battery pack. The body does NOT generate enough electric to power these limbs. Most have a simple plug in port like any other electrical device. Some (especially sealed systems) have built in wireless charging abilities. Wireless charging points would likely become something a business would advertise as it would be good to know that your limb is getting a charge while you enjoying your Bic Mac and fries.

Most sealed systems have a fake skin covering. The appearance would be that of regular skin and it would be set to match your current skin tone, however it would be more resistant to damage than regular human skin. Also it would me more flexible and stretch further and self repairs scrapes and small cuts. However large cuts will break the surface tension causing the entire layer to start to pull loose. Replacing the entire thing is necessary as there is no way to repair it at that point.

Due to the sealed covering and just the nature of the design sealed systems are not easily upgradable. Not to mention that some upgrades would be impossible such as hidden compartments, pop up weapons or even heavier armor. Nearly all upgrades would have to be bought at the same time you are getting the limb. Anything done afterwords would be extremely costly and take quiet a bit more time as well.

This is something to take into consideration the next time you want to take the details of your cyberpunk games to a higher level.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Be A Better Player 13 - Don't hog the spotlight

Player one – Okay now that the security doors are now unlocked I'll jack out of the terminal and go back through the vents to hook back up with the rest of the group.

GM – While you vision takes a second to clear up after jacking out you hear a small soft slow clap behind you. Then with that so familiar voice of your bother he says “Very good sis, you work the net like an expert. Sadly for you though I caught you this time”.

Player 1 – Ah hell... okay I hold my hands up in the air just a bit and turn around to face him.

Player 2 – Do we know this is going on?

GM – Okay and... no, no you don't. Okay as you turn you see him standing there dressed in some high end business wear holding his katana by the scabard in one hand. “I'm not here to arrest you this time... I've grown tired of this chase. We need to...”

Player 2 – Can we hear any of this echoing down through the vents.

Player 3 – Dude chill man we're like three floors away.

GM – No you can't hear anything except the humm of the air conditioners running. Now he was saying “We need to finish this once and for all between us.” Then he grips the handle with his other hand and slides the blade free.

Player 1 – I reach over and pull my sword of my pack while I roll my head a bit to loosen up. “Alright big brother if this is how you want it.”

Player 2 – Alright her character has been gone to long I'm going into the shaft to climb down and check on her.

Player 4 – Oh bullshit man. It's her grudge match let her have it.

Player 2 – I can take the guy though.

GM – You have no reason to check after her, she said it would take about twenty minutes to get the job done and it's only been about fifteen.

Player 1 – Please just let me have this fight okay.

Player 2 – But I can take him down hardcore.

GM – Look it's her turn for a little time in the spotlight so just give it a rest. She has a commo if she wanted you involved she would've called for help. Now... back to where we were...

Player 2 – I'm going in there after her!

Everybody likes their share of time being the center of attention at the gaming table. Either being the one to save the day or having a one on one confrontation with an old arch nemesis. It's the time that most players strive for, when all eyes are on them and they are the main attraction for a few minutes. However some like that a bit much and try to be the center of attention at all time even when it means jumping into somebody else's spotlight.

So to make it crystal clear, you don't need to be in every single scene in a game. Your involvement isn't necessary in everything that happens. Sometimes you need to set back, sip your soda, shut up and watch as some of the other players get their time in. If not, well don't acting like an ass when people start to get aggravated with you or suddenly stop inviting you over to games at their house.

If you're wondering why this is important, well, it all comes back to one core saying I've always had about gaming. It's a game, we're meant to have fun while playing, ALL of us. Trust me I like some enthusiasm at the table it can really make things interesting and help keep everything rolling along greatly. Just sometimes you need to curb that enthusiasm just a bit before it starts to push others off to the side. Thus ruining their attempt at having fun.