Thursday, May 28, 2020

Free Stock Art - Bike

Here is another free piece of stock art for people to use. Again the original artwork is lost and I have no way of doing a higher quality scan. If you decide to use it in something all I ask is that you credit 'John Nixon' as the artist.

If you do feel like tossing something to me for the artwork or to help fund this blog please look up top for the 'Support This Blog' tab and give it a click to find out how.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Horror Gaming - Side effects of the creature.

Time for another Roll A D10 for horror gaming. Some creatures have a supernatural side effect of just being near them. Let's find out what it is this time.

1 – Having trouble breathing and shortness of breath.

2 – Eyes are burning and flowing with tears.

3 – Painful ringing in your ears.

4 – Extreme joint pain whenever you move the slightest bit.

5 – Feeling hot and sweating a great deal.

6 – Loss of bowel control and defecating yourself.

7 – An overwhelming calmness and relaxation.

8 – Your skin starts to dry out and crack painfully.

9 – Nausea and dizziness.

10 – Dread and complete sorrow and everything seems very dimly lit.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Tuesday Promo - House of Dok

Starting up what will hopefully be a Tuesday tradition on here. I'm calling it the Tuesday Promo and each time I will be pointing out something in the gaming hobby that I like. It may be a blog, a person, a company, something that I think more folks need to lay eyes on.

This week it's going to be House of Dok Productions. Publishers of the Fractured Kingdown and the superhero Metahumans Rising roleplaying games. I first ran into the person in charge when I gave Pluspora a try after the closure of G+ and they've since become a regular on my social networks over on MeWe and now Twitter.

I was given a copy of Metahumans Rising and really enjoyed what I've read of it so far. Just need to finish it up and write a review. But as anyone who follows my blog has notice it's that my focus is often all over the board and may completely switch over night.

Most recently they put up a Metahumans Rising supplement at 'Pay What You Want' pricing over on DrivethruRPG. So you can hop over and grab a copy of The Burning Earth: Arena to see what kind of quality material they put out. Actually you can get the core book at PWYW as well so you have no excuse not to give this game a look over.

Also be sure to check out their website as well. There are regular updates and material being posted often.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Jaded Gamer - Vampire part one

Slowly going back to a game that I used to run and enjoyed quite a bit. That would be Vampire: The Masquerade, but not just any edition, you see I bought the game when it was originally released the day it hit the FLGS. So I'm talking about the 1st edition of V:TM and maybe a little about 2nd edition. Back in the day I used to have a pretty dedicated group or two for Vampire and the World of Darkness in general and we had a lot of good times. Eventually I drifted more and more into Kult and that style of horror roleplaying and the old got left behind.

I think it's time to revisit the past as I've hit a rut in the hobby. The direction a lot of games are going is something that I don't find enjoyable as a GM or a player. While the OSR vein isn't somewhere I want to go after running into several assholes in that movement years ago. That and I never was a big DnD guy either.

Problem number one facing me on this endeavor is that I got rid of nearly all of my Vampire books years ago. I think the only thing I possess in print now is Hunters Hunted and the original Storytellers Screen (complete with highlighter marks and notations in a few spots). Now my first edition core book fell apart and was kept in a binder that vanished so many years ago and the rest I sold off with a couple 'vanishing'.

Finding print copies of those older books isn't that easy or cheap in most cases. When I saw that the first edition of Mage was available in POD over on Drivethru I thought maybe I could find it there. But sadly they only have a pdf of Vampire 1st edition available. Actually the only edition they have in POD is the 20th Anniversary edition which isn't what I'm looking for. So for the corebook it appears that I may have to go the route of printing off what I need for rules and character generation at home and hoping I find a copy eventually (if anybody has a lead on an affordable copy let me know).

The Players Guide was a different story. They have it available via POD for both 1st edition and 2nd edition. Originally I was going to purchase the 1st edition version as it's the one I remember so well. But then I noticed the dirt cheap pricing for the POD 2nd edition and that sealed that deal. So right now I'm waiting for it to be printed and shipped.

As I am currently planning on running the chronicle in Gary and Chicago (maybe even using the Forged in Steel story) I looked for some other books that I may be needing in the future. I was very happy to find Ashes to Ashes and the Chicago Chronicles books in POD. These contain the three books I used quite a bit in the past as I even ran one group through A2A back then. Just need to wait until I get more funds together to order them.

Next time I'm going to talk a bit more about where I'm setting the chronicle. Actually it'll more likely be about WHEN I'm setting the chronicle.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Free Stock Art - Things

How about a couple more pieces of low DPI stock art for free? These are from the late 90's I believe. It's been a long while since I did them. They are digital works that I did for the Kult fan sourcebook ezine called Cenotaphium back in the day.

Feel free to use these however you wish. Just credit 'Peter Amthor' on these two particular works though. If you do feel the need to compensate me you can always take a look at the 'Support This Blog' page for ways to do that. Also if you do use these for something feel free to drop a link to the location in the comments section below.


Monday, May 18, 2020

Horror Gaming - The Creatures Skin

What kind of skin does the creature have? Roll a D10 to find out.

1 – Dried and tough, very leathery with a mottled green/gray color.

2 – Covered in tiny layers of metal scales. Great armor but noisy when it runs into something.

3 – Transparent, you can see the muscles and some organs through it.

4 – Thick and rubbery, absorbs nearly any damage that is received.

5 – Like an oil slick, thick and always swirling or moving around. Leaves a nasty trail behind.

6 – A bark like covering, hard and tough, you will have to chip away to get through it.

7 – Thick and tough, with sharp bones ridges sticking out in various locations.

8 – Covered in twitching moving faces that are mouthing inaudible words.

9 – Perfectly smooth and white, like polished stone, no blemishes, marks or hair of any kind.

10 – Oozing puss from sores and infections covering the entire body.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Fantasy - The Slave Kingdoms

Been a long time since I've come up with anything for my homebrew fantasy setting. But I found some inspiration in the music video for the Rammstein song - 'Sonne'. A bit more history on my not so standard Dwarven race and one of their enemies that enjoys enslaving them. This is fast write up just to get it down before I forget.

The Slave Kingdoms.

A race of minor giants (ranging in height around 9 feet) that live in a heavy matriarchal society have taken several Dwarven kingdoms as slaves. The giants take a king of a dwarf kingdom and transfer his life essence into several gemstones. Each of these stones allow for control of any dwarf of that lineage to whomever wear them. Which, in this particular giant society, is only the females. They display the gems in jewelry that is worn openly, having these gemstones is a mark of power among their kind.

The now magically submissive dwarves are then divided out among their new masters. First they are all forced to remain completely shaved as a blow against their millennia old customs. Then they are given various duties they must perform. Most spend their days toiling in mines bringing riches for their owners to the surface. But they will also do any other task they are assigned, from kitchen duties, cleaning even helping their owners change clothing and get ready for special events. Due to the complete devotion created by the gemstones link they will feel the need to make their owner pleased with them. This feeling will last for over a month even if the gemstone isn't being worn or the dwarves are some how kept a great distance away.

This particular race of giants also use certain gemstones in their religious rituals and some even create a euphoric bliss when ingested after being crushed. Those who bring these out of the mines are greatly rewarded. Those who bring home little may be punished. Even if their owner dies they will remain loyal and take great care of their remains and burial.

The predatory nature of these giants over the centuries is one of the many reasons that dwarves began building their kindgoms deep inside the mountains. It would take a full on siege to get the ruling dwarf king from his thrown and the losses would be great on both sides. Becoming a slave kingdom to the giants is something that brings fear to the hearts of every dwarf. Dwarves becoming enslaved is also the reason for a great many abandoned cities as the new slaves are immediately forced from their homeland and to their new lives in giants domain.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Free Stock Art - Firearms

Here is some free low DPI stock for those who wish to use it. These were originally drawn sometime in the 90's and the originals are long since gone. All I have are these low quality scans and they are not good enough to even try to sell. I've got a bit of this floating around on my computer and an old external hard drive that still works. So hopefully I'll be posting up a bit more over the next couple weeks.

This time it has a theme, three firearms of various design.

All I ask is that you please credit the artwork to John Nixon when it is used.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Horror Gaming - Goals of the cultists

What are the current, short term goals of an active cult in the area? Roll a D10 to find out.

1 – To summon a creature to do their bidding.

2 – Control the local government so they can operate easier.

3 – Gain enhanced physical abilities.

4 – Brainwash new members into serving the other members sexually.

5 – To locate a cursed object hidden in the area over a hundred years ago.

6 – Destroy the lives of those who have stood against their leader.

7 – Collecting souls through human sacrifices to be mined for information.

8 – To collect the skulls of children for a later ritual.

9 – Locating the broken pieces of an old artifact of significant power.

10 – Securing a location to set up permanent area to perform their rituals in secret.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Horror Gaming - Where the creature hides

Where is the creature hiding during the day or when it's not out hunting for food or victims? Roll a D10 to find out.

1 – Nested inside the pin reset machines in an abandoned bowling alley.

2 – Among the rusting hulks at a junk yard.

3 – Buried in a pile of broken glass at a recycling plant.

4 – In one of the empty store fronts of a nearly empty shopping mall.

5 – Among the piles of medical bio-hazard containers at an incineration plant.

6 – In the unused attic of an elderly care facility.

7 – Inside of an old WWII tank that is on permanent display at a VFW Hall.

8 – Submerged in the filth at sewage treatment plant.

9 – An old tow behind camper that has been abandoned.

10 – In the back of a long abandoned book store.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Horror Gaming - The cursed puzzle

The characters come across a puzzle that is obviously nefarious in some way. But they still insist on putting it together. What happens when they do? Roll a D10.

1 – The person who put the last piece in feels several spots on their body burning. Then they erupt in puss filled boils that are in the shapes of the puzzle pieces.

2 – Anyone who put any of the pieces together are stricken blind for a D6 of days.

3 – The person who put the last piece in finds themselves suddenly trapped in a very small solid metal cell. The door is sealed shut and there are no windows. It grows steadily colder.

4 – The last person touching the puzzle feels their fingers burn in pain. The skin dries up on them and they crack and bleed, chunks of skin falling to the floor.

5 – Anyone who put a piece in place has a loved one die within the next 24 hours.

6 – Anyone who put a piece in place is rendered sterile, permanently.

7 – Anyone who put a piece in place has their hearing assaulted by a high pitch scream for a D6 of minutes. This keeps occurring at random times over the next two weeks.

8 – The last person feels pain stinging in their back as hundreds of small thorns break through their skin from the inside. Each must be pulled out to be removed and that is extremely painful.

9 – Each person who put a piece in place has nightmares of being murdered and dissected into small pieces whenever they sleep. This lasts for a 2D6 weeks.

10 – The last person feels a burning sensation in their eyes. Now wherever they look they see small skinless creatures shuffling just out of view and hiding behind objects. Try as they might that never can seem to catch one.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

WthC - Combat Damage Armor

Combat in Welcome to the City is much more a 'theater of the mind' style than any sort of mapped out set up. A simple hand drawn map just so players and the GM know where things are in relationship to each other. There are no movement squares, no rigid rules on facing, it is meant to be simple, fast and loose.

At the beginning of a round of combat each player announces what they intend for their characters to do. Then all actions take place at the same time unless one of two things happen. First a player can chose to 'opt out' and take not offensive action at all, then they may roll to defend themselves against an attack or to move out of the way. Second is they may lose a die out of their Traits die pool for the remainder of combat to take their action before everyone else this one round. Earning a bonus die during combat is done the same way as earning them while performing normal abilities.

Please note that the NPCs perform their actions at the same time as the players.

Combat order will be along the lines of: Describe your action - Roll to perform that action - Roll for any damage done. Keep it quick and fast paced if you can. While combat is an entertaining, and often important, part of the session it shouldn't take up a huge section of the game time.


Each character has six ranks of damage. The first rank being minor scrapes and bruising with the sixth and final rank being death or near death depending on how you want your games to run.

When rolling for damage the weapon or hand to hand damage chart will tell you what rank of damage was caused. On your sheet you tick that rank and all ranks below it. However ranks are not cumulative you only go up another rank when you take another hit equal to or higher than the highest damage tick. If it's equal to you go up one tick, if it's more than you go up to that new rank and tick those below it.

Example: If you are getting beat down in a fist fight and are at Rank Two and three guys hit you, each doing Rank One damage then you don't record anymore damage. Now when characters do get hit with attacks that don't raise their damage still roleplay it out a bit, get descriptive but it doesn't add up in numbers.

Example: You have taken a Rank Two of damage so far and get hit for another Rank Two then you raise your damage track up to Rank Three.

Example: You have taken Rank Two of damage and a then one of the thugs shoots you for Rank Four damage then you go to Rank Four immediately.


Body armor has two stats Absorption and Coverage. When a character is hit their player rolls a single D12 and tries to roll under, or equal to, the Coverage rating. If it fails the character takes the full amount of damage. If successful the Absorption amount reduces the amount of damage by that many ranks.

Stacking armor. A character my wear up to two sets of body armor. However when they do so they much choose taking the highest Absorption and the lowest Coverage to form their Armor stats. Or the lowest Absorption and the highest Coverage.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

WthC - Currency in the City

Currency in the City.

Up until about forty years ago the City used a completely electronic form of currency. Everything was paid for using an issued credit stick. You simply waved it over a receiver to make a payment. But that came crashing down on the day of the Great Hack. The day when every major computer network got hacked by a hidden dormant computer virus that had been put in place over several year. It dumped so much available credit into the accounts of every single person that it crashed the economy and led to a level of inflation beyond anything ever seen before.

The City Administration stepped in and created a physical form of currency once again. Calling it the City Currency Standard, although people quickly started calling it 'chips' since the tokens used were about the size and weight of poker chips. The values stamped on the coins go up ten times the previous number, so 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000, and so on. You can also have a paper 'standard note' generated as well. It can be of any value and is watermarked, laser tagged and has a silicon weave in the fibers to make it hard to duplicate. These are usually used by corporations who wish to store their wealth long term without using chips taking up space.

The entire idea is that it's easier to fight off counterfeiters who can only do harm in a much slower fashion than it is to fight off hackers who can destroy everything overnight.

There are a few different franchises which operate like money exchanges popping up all over the place. They take in smaller value chips in exchange for the larger values so a person doesn't have to carry around so many at one time. Usually charging a fee anywhere from 1 to 10 for the service. Some will also cash standard notes as well, usually with no questions asked. Actual banks only exist in the upper sections of the City where there is more law enforcement presence.

Work Crews get paid in chips at their local Works shop every week.

Monday, May 4, 2020

WthC - The Micro Franchise

The Micro Franchise

Most food franchise companies have started moving past the idea of having actual restaurant locations in many places in the City. The cost of maintaining, staffing and supplying a location in the lower levels is not only expensive but at time dangerous as well. Delivery drivers may pass right through a street turned warzone or have their entire shipment hijacked from underneath them. So they kept the stores in he high end and low crime areas and everything else went to micro franchising.

They basically made it dirt cheap to buy into the company as a business owner. That person is then responsible for providing their own location with little to no constraints by the contract. Also they have to pick their supplies up at designated locations, usually a small guarded warehouse that may supply up to a hundred or more micros.

This has created a huge market of entrepreneurs selling name brand food out of carts, food trucks, pop up stands and some even sell out of a window in their home as a 'walk thru' experience. While some may gain an actual building or storefront to operate out of they are becoming more rare. Everything is being made to be eaten on the go instead of any sort of dine-in with seating.

Another side effect is that it has created a turf war in many areas. Since nearly anyone can get a franchise permit there are areas saturated with franchisees and a struggle for customers begins. Except in the City this has led to assaults and bloodshed. There have been many cases of stronger owners outright killing their competition to keep their foothold.

But hey at least you can get your ten pack of hard shells at Doc Tacos on nearly any street while on your way down to deal with some two foot rats that are chewing wires outside an old stadium.

Friday, May 1, 2020

WthC - Common Abilities

In Welcome to the City each character gets various abilities listed under each Trait. Below is a list of common Abilities available. I'm going for broad sounding skills that can cover a lot of area. Also I'm trying to have a few give a bit of flavor to the game instead of just really bland wording. This list is by all means not complete. If a players wants something that is not listed then let them buy it during character creation or when their character gains points to spend later on. Just put some thought into and make sure it's not something game breaking.


Cutting People
Shake It Off
Throw Stuff


Get Your Head Together
Tech Savvy
Computer Savvy
City Savvy
Occult Savvy
Patch People Up
Fix Things
Straight up Thievery


Bullshit Master