Monday, July 1, 2019

Jaded Gamer - Industry vs Hobby

I'm about done with the 'industry' side of the table top gaming folks in online communities.

A good portion of these people are not good for my mental well being. It's hard enough being poor without having a somebody shaming you because you can't afford their products. Or telling you that you should be thankful how cheap they are when you can't even afford them in the first place. Saying that you are one of the problems of the gaming hobby and that by not spending a bunch of money you are instead promoting piracy.

Yeah screw those people.

I'm more interested in interacting with the actual hobby side of the table top gaming folks.

You know the ones who don't give you crap when you can't afford the big new shiny and may direct you towards a cheaper alternative. Who run blogs and give out content for free, maybe asking for donations but never demanding them. People you can kitbash setting and system ideas with over the course of a week and there is nobody staking claim to what is created.

Yeah I belong with those people.