Saturday, November 21, 2020

Members of the Guard basic setting overview


Members of the Guard

Setting overview

The setting is that of a fantasy world where humans are the only dominant race. There are no elves, dwarfs or anything like that. Most of the land that the PC's will be in is part of a sprawling kingdom under religious rule. Their main mission will be to travel among townships and cities fighting back against the very real demons that exist and their influence among the populace. These traveling protectors are known as the Guard to most common folk and as Chevaliers by the more educated.

At the base level the Guard are made up of three general types of members. The Cavaliers, who are those skilled mainly in fighting. They make up the bulk of the members. Then there the Clerics, who are gifted in the ability to perform minor graces of God. They are also skilled in fighting as well but not as much as the Cavaliers. Then there are the Priests, the ones who are the most knowledgeable of the faith and can perform powerful graces. Most characters will be either Cavaliers or Clerics as most Priests are NPC's that may be in charge of multiple groups of the Guard. Basically they are the ones giving the orders such as “Go to this town and find out why their crops are being blighted”.

More on the basic world. The entire kingdom is ruled by the church, there is no other secondary form of municipality. Everything major decision is made by them and carried out by their devoted followers. The next closest thing is the various guilds sat up among the merchant and artisan classes of the society. While they have no actual say in governance they can attempt to sway their local leaders or attempt to set the markets how they want. Land ownership is a very gray area, all the farmland is owned by the church and the workers are given a very basic rate of payment for their work. While individual homes and businesses are considered to be owned by specific people. However at anytime a high ranking church member can order the property to be seized with very little the occupants can do about it.

I'll flesh out the details more as I go along in future posts.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Jaded Gamer - Cyberpunk RED

Well Cyberpunk RED is finally out in digital with the print book available within a few days afterwards. Happy to see it finally arrive although I'm going to have to give the game a pass. I've been a big fan of Cyberpunk in both the original 2013 and 2020 releases and still have a large collection of books from that series. But I feel that I am no longer part of the target audience for the game anymore.

More and more it feels like they are going after the folks who are heavy con goers, the ones who run big podcasting set ups and those who broadcast live streams. Which I can't blame them that's where the money is. But when I saw them giving the discounts to the people who have plenty of extra spending cash at cons but not to any of those who can't afford that it made me step back. The jumpstart kit, when purchased at the con, had a discount for the pdf and free downloads for music. Not to mention convention only special dice and other swag that were also available just at the con. Those of us who are tight on cash and can't afford trips like that were left out.

Being a cash strapped gamer has really been a bitch these last two years. With people blaming those of us with shallow pockets for piracy and all sorts of other nonsense. Shaming us when we say something is out of our price range. Hell I got outright dog piled when I said Invisible Sun was to expensive for my budget. They scream at us about how much it costs to make the product but mother fuckers can't get grasp the base concept that if the money isn't in my wallet then I can't spend it.

Then we saw folks going up against those who offered free or cheap product. They were shamed and blamed for bringing down the ability for others to make money in the tabletop roleplaying game market. Several folks who supposedly promote inclusiveness were quick to jump on this bandwagon. Those who shouted against gatekeeping were setting up their own gates to keep people out if they didn't pass the income barrier. 

So I'm out. I'm done. They can offer the discounts to the people with all the extra cash to spend. While I'll set over here and stop getting excited about any release what so ever. I'll make my own little products and offer them up cheap so others like me can afford them.