Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Conspiracy X lot for sale

Conspiracy X lot for sale.

Cost: $50 plus shipping costs.  Contact:


Conspiracy X 1st edition core book.  Slight water damage at the bottom of back cover, with some staining along the bottom.

Conspiracy X 2nd edition.  Like new.

Bodyguard of Lies 2: Mokole

Aegis Handbook


Introductory Kit 16 page booklet. 

Not wanting to buy print copies?  You can find them at:

Eden Studios on DrivethruRPG.

Eden Studios on RPGNow.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Jaded Gamer Diary - Sla Industries

Just for the record, I wrote this about a week ago and updated it a couple of times.  Scheduled it to go live on 9/28.  On 9/27 out of nowhere Dave Allsop sent me a friend request on Facebook.  I'm about to talk badly about how Sla is being handled and I wonder if he would have sent me that friend request if he as seen this first. 

Ah well anyways... on with Jaded Gamer.


Save Sla Industries.

That's what the folk from Nightfall Games are telling us to do. No really they are, for those who missed here is a link to their announcement of sorts.

Now as somebody who has bought all the Sla Industries books and bought all the pdfs they managed to put out I have something to say about this. We, and others, have been trying to save the game for nearly twenty years, where the fuck have you been?

Seriously the game has been brought back from the dead twice that I can remember. Once from Hogshead Games which did pretty well from what I've heard but in the end didn't work out as the owner decided to get out of the game business (correct me if I'm wrong there). Second time was through Cubicle Seven which put out some pretty decent stuff like CS1 and Hunter Sheets. Then suddenly Dave decided to take his ball and go home.

Now there was that sort of third attempt by the new resurrected Nightfall Games. They gave us the sourcebook nobody really wanted called Hunter Sheets 2 (which I still bought) along with some pretty decent mini resources called Data Sheets. But they never tried any real sort of push and the data sheets trickled off and then died. Yes I bought nearly everything they put out except the print versions of the data sheets and like one or two of the swag items. Hell I still use my Shiver key chain for my keys to this day.

Okay they gave it a decent push but then killed off momentum with one of the things Sla is famous for. Announcing products that never get made. Let's see, Hardware Guide, All in the Family were listed in the old WOTC catalog back in the day. We've heard about various race sourcebooks, White Earth, some planet sourcebooks, 2nd edition to many time to remember, so many others I've forgotten. The new 'improved' Nightfall gave us a cover for 2nd edition... years ago. Not to mention we are still waiting for the announced Manchine data sheet... from a year or two ago.

Now what you can do is absolutely dwarf the amount of official release stuff with the amount of fan produced material out there. The fans for Sla are some of the most dedicated I've seen in gaming. Sadly quite a few of them seem to have walked away after years of this back and forth between companies and constant let downs by announcements that never happen.

So yeah we've been trying to save the fucking game for a good long time now.

Need a constant flow of cash, well then you need a decent output of product. Not to mention someplace to buy stuff from, like maybe t-shirts and swag. There are several sites out there that let you set these up with little or no cost to you. Sell us some freaking standard shirts without any strings attached. No limited printed amount, or sites that pop up and then vanish (like just a month or so ago), give us as many as we want from a site that prints them as we order. Give us good proven marketing that works to get us to give you money in exchange for product. Not bizarro land marketing by making limited edition crap for a damn near dead game with a shrinking fan base. Sell us those Scav miniatures your showing by themselves instead of bundled with some other stuff making it implausible for anyone to buy enough to actually use in a game.

Fuck show us you have a clue as to what the hell you are doing before asking for us to jump on some limited edition bandwagon.  Really just give us the shit to buy and make it easy for us.  I mean they are even offering a Halloween Jack hoodie... but only one... they won't make anymore.  WTF?

So make something people want, but only make one. For a "get our facebook page likes" contest?

You know it seems more and more like they are trying to make a 'collectible' RPG or something.  I mean what if somebody doesn't hear about this 'limited edition' crap or maybe can't afford it right now.  They are fucking out of luck then once they are gone. But what do I know I'm just a random gamer on the internet, one of those consumers that they probably don't seem to worry about.

I'm out, so completely and totally out.  Not going to buy the limited edition stuff or even try to get it.  My interest in anything Sla coming out in the future has just hit the floor.  I'm done.  Another Sla fan turning his back and walking away.
If you are interested at all in Sla Industries you can purchase them in pdf.  Most of them are pay what you want (which I would at least suggest tossing them a dollar or two).  It is a great game but I'm just to burnt out and fucking tired of how it's been handled. Not to mention the shitty way they are trying to bring it back through limited edition gimmicks. 
Thanks for reading folks, stay turned for another Jaded Gamer Diary coming at you next Monday. I've got plenty of bottled up aggravation to uncork yet to go.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Primal Order lot for sale

Lot of three Primal Order books for sale.

Price: $65 plus shipping costs.  Contact for purchase:

The three books show some shelf wear but are complete, intact and holding together very well.


Primal Order core book 2nd printint.



The only book missing from making this a complete set is 'Chessboards' which I've never managed to get a copy of.

Also note that the core book is available in pdf format but the supplements are not. 

Primal Order at Drivethrurpg.

Primal Order at RPGNow.

As always thanks for looking and you can see other books and book lots I have up for sale by clicking on the 'game sales' at the bottom of this post.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Skyrealms of Jorune lot for sale

Skyrealms of Jorune 2nd edition lot.  Complete 2nd edition set as far as I can tell.



Skyrealms of Jorune 2nd edition boxed set.  Box has some signs of wear and something poked through on the middle right.  One corner is torn.  Includes all material including the character sheets, combat summary sheets, rules supplement/update and even the postcard to join the mailing list.  Contents are in great condition.

Earth-Tec Jorune.  amazingly pristine condition.

Companion Jorune: Burdoth.  Shows wear and a couple bends, still very solid and complete.

Companion Jorune; Ardoth.  Again in very good condition. 

Hope to hear from interested buyers soon!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Quite a surprise really.

Something very interesting caught my eye on Facebook the other day.  Something I never thought I would see.  I must say I am quite surprised by it, here let me show you what it is.

Now what you may see here is simply an add for an upcoming Magic The Gathering tournament at a game shop.  That would be pretty normal.  But it's what kind of group is sponsoring this tournament that really gets my attention.  This one is being sponsored by a local church.

For those who may not understand the importance of this let me explain a little bit.  I live in rural Missouri.  Right smack dab in the middle of the bible belt.  Yeah we remember the 'Satanic Panic' of the eighties very well.   Many religious minded folks here would like to keep that thought alive.  So there has always been a bit of tension between gamers and the local churches, well most of them anyways.  So this really steps out a bit from the norm. 

Personally I hope this works out very well and a few people broaden their minds a bit when it comes to gaming locally.  Although I still have an uphill battle with some religious folks (being an atheist in this area isn't all that fun) hopefully this will make it easier for others.

So I have to give a nice shout out to the church and the game shop behind this.

K&A games can be found at their Facebook page.

While the church can be found at their website.

Hope this works out well for both parties behind this and for the local gaming community as well. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Armory for sale

The Armory Volume 1.  There never was a volume 2 that I am aware of.


The Armory was written by Kevin Dockery of Morrow Project fame.  It is a very in depth collection of firearms and weapons, most of the book is not in any form of game stats at all but instead real life details of each weapon.  Each one accompanied by a black and white photo so you know exactly what it looks like.  Gaming tables included are for use with 'Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes' and 'Espionage!'. 

The book is complete all pages still holding to spine,  cover is a bit rough with some wear, tears and bends. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Battlelords of the 23rd Century small lot.

Small lot of Battlelords of the 23rd Century. 

Cost: $10 plus shipping. 
Contact for purchase or questions:

Core rulebook, some of the laminate is peeling along the spine and in a few other small places. 

Lock-n-load.  This one is in rough shape, several pages in the back of the book have pulled out and are lose but they are all present and accounted for. 

If print isn't your thing and you're looking for pdfs find them here:

DrivethruRPG  or on  RPGNow

For other items I have up for sale please click on the 'game sales' label listed at the bottom of this post.  Thank you.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Jaded Gamer Diaries - Archon part one

How to be stupid while running a convention. This could be a title of a book, one written by the higher up staffers at Archon. I swear I've seen some pretty sure signs of stupid there over the years. But this time I'll only touch on one piece of stupid at a time. For those who don't know Archon is a large scifi/fantasy convention that takes place in Collinsville, Illinois.

Lets kill off a social media group that fandom has built. There was an official Archon Facebook group. Was. It's not there anymore but let me give you a few details stacked up here first.

The group was started up pretty shortly after Facebook popped really big so it had been around for quite some time. Plenty of time to build up a lot of members and that it did very well. A nice good variety of folks from a variety of places. All of which either currently attend or attended the con over the years. Now one special thing of note, this group was busy ALL THE TIME, not just a little before con time and a little bit afterwards. ALL THE TIME. Constant posts, costuming discussions, scifi talk, general fandom type stuff. If you needed to get that geek fix you knew right where to go.

Years of pictures had been shared on there, from the Masquerade contests, to hallway costumes. Just tons of images documenting the years that had gone by. There near the end more and more videos as well. It was a really nice retrospective of what had come before.

It was an excellent resource for the staffers if they wanted to utilize it. Large chunk of your fanbase right there at your fingertips.

They had no fucking clue how to utilize that.

Instead they bitched and whined that people wanted to discuss stuff on there INSTEAD of driving hours in the middle of the week into St. Louis once a month to discuss things with the few of them face to face. Which, as we were told by the few who did, they didn't pay any attention then either.

So they got upset that they were to lazy or too technology stunted to use social media.

After many huge blow ups (costume peace bonding stupidity, security stupidity and inviting a Fan Guest of Honor who publishes a zine that regularly features racist, sexist and homophobic jokes and slurs, much of this I'll cover in future installments) they decided they had enough. They put one of their lackies, who also had no clue how to properly use social media, in charge. Draco Fornax made it very clear he had no idea what he was doing in fan relations... at all.

So he created an Archon “page” on Facebook. Y'know the pages where there is almost no room for interaction between people who are members... oh wait, no members, just people who 'liked' it. Then he had them put up an old style forum on the Archon webpage, those things people got sick and tired of years ago and moved on from. Also the sign up process made sure they could tell exactly who you were so they could spot trouble makers easier. Hell even Wizards of the Coast has recently announced that they are shutting down their forums and going to social media instead.

Wizards announcing they are canning their forums.

Then they made the group private and nobody was allowed in without Draco Noclue's permission. Finally a bit later one day he just went through and started kicking out members. All of them as far as any of us know. Right down the list, the group just ceased to exist for us. The years of community building all gone because 'social media hard and people gripe at us there' reasons.

So Archon how to be stupid lesson number one, kill what the community builds. Now in the future I'll tell you the details behind a few of the reasons they killed it. Hint: It's because of those damned con goers using it to complain when we do something they don't like.

At least some of the fans have gotten together and formed their own group to take it's place.  But it's going to take a long time to rebuild that.

Archon STL fan formed group.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Numenera signed hardback for sale

Signed hardback copy of the Numenera core rulebook.  Has signatures of both authors.

Asking price is $75 plus shipping costs.  Contact if interested.

For those not interested in a physical copy you can get pdfs at:

DrivethruRPG   or   RPGNow

Keep watching the blog for more random gaming goodness to come up on sale.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Kult lot for sale.

Small Kult lot for sale. 



Kult 1st US edition core rulebook.  Obviously seen some use as you can see in the picture.
Legions of Darkness sourcebook.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Morrow Project Lot for sale


Contact: if interested.


The Morrow Project RPG 3rd edition
Liberation at Riverton
Operation Lucifer
Ruins of Chicago (newer printing with color cover)
Prime Base
Fall Back

Personal and Vehicular Basic Loads and Hand-To-Hand Combat System

Two copies of the Project Director's Screen.
One nice and clean with the three inserts.
One dirty and more used, no inserts.

Restricted Morrow Project Identity Package dated 1981
Envelope (although moisture has sealed part of it) is empty.
Morrow Industries/Morrow Project Security Classifications list is included.
Morrow Industries MP Form 1D is missing.

Morrow Project Body Percentage Breakdown Chart
Rather old but in great condition, pages have yellowed.  Old print style, not sure on date.  Unsure if this was a release, part of an old package or something given away by company.

Black folder with Restricted MP stickers that used to be on Abacus Dimension releases for Morrow Project on both sides.  Again not sure if this was a release or something home made. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Jaded Gamers Diary: Numenera

Well over on Facebook every now and then they show you a 'memory' of something you posted that day a few years back. Well the other day it showed me one of something that I had sat off to the back of my mind. Two years ago I got really pissed off with the delivery of a Kickstarter and I started posting about it. Then suddenly several eyes were on me as I had caught some attention. Including the attention of the people behind the Kickstarter. Couple that with me being a generally unhappy person at that period of time AND having my fill of pent up anger that I hadn't vented in months. Well lets just say I got a bit bitchy. Looking back on it I wonder if I took it to far, then sometimes looking at other things I wonder if I didn't take it far enough.

Something in my mind clicked and an old name came to my mind. Jaded Gamers. Yes, this would have a made a great Jaded Gamers post. Maybe, just maybe, I need to pull the name back out. I'm sure those who were involved way back then won't mind. Actually I'm sure they will get a good kick out of it. So without further ado I shall make the first (of hopefully many) Jaded Gamers Diaries post. I'll do it covering this Kickstarter and the game it produced.

Perhaps you've heard of the game from that Kickstarter. It was called Numenera, ring a bell?

I can already here a few select people groan. But I must go on, I must.

Long story short on this. The print copy of the game (which is what I backed for, I'm a print copy kind of person) was released at Gencon before it could be sent out to backers due to how close the printing date was to the con. I completely understood that, Gencon is huge and there is no way any big company can pass up on doing a major release there. The day after Gencon it was on Amazon at their usually marked down really low prices. A couple days after that people were talking about their copies they got from Amazon and talking about the copies they picked up at game shops. Then Amazon sold out... and restocked. While people were talking about the copies they were getting at overseas game shops.

We backers were still waiting. Well except for the ones who picked up at Gencon and they told us to be patient. Easy to do when you aren't the one wondering where your backer reward is.

This went on for a month. Some mix ups at the distributor was pretty much what we were told over and over... oh and that it was fixed... over and over. Then the straw that finally pushed me over the edge. You see there was also a Kickstarter for a Numenera video game that came up previously... which I also backed but only for a digital copy of the game. But there was one backer level where you could get a copy of the regular print copy of the game as well. Those backers were getting their books now as well. Yes you read that right, people who backed another Kickstarter were getting the books from the Kickstarter that we had backed before we got our copies.

That's when I started bitching and asking questions. Somebody said they must have used a 'backers last' idea of fulfillment, they said they didn't, but damn if it sure didn't feel like they did. They said backers were a priority, but damned if it felt that way to us. I got loud on my social media about it and started attracting a crowd and a lot of emails from fellow backers who were also angry. Meanwhile they were bending over backwards to make sure a store got their copies as quickly as possible (UNLESS they were a store who backed them at the retailer level... then they were left waiting and told to be patient as well).

Finally I got an email they were sending me a copy directly over night, well two day since the USPS won't guarantee over night to an area as rural as the one I'm living in. They even sent me a signed copy to boot. Months of waiting and watching everyone talk about how great the book was and finally my copy had arrived. I flipped through it for a second tossed in a storage tub and it's been there ever since. A month later a second copy arrived from their fulfillment company also. Oddly addressed to Peter Amthor and not to my real name, which isn't what I gave for my delivery address. I took that one down to a local game shop to put on their shelf in an attempt to sell for store credit... it's still sitting there.

So back to where I was heading and no that wasn't short but fuck how can I expect to make that short. After all there is still stuff I left out. When I saw the memory of that pop up on facebook I headed over to Kickstarter to look at the project page and saw something. Well holy shit, imagine that, people still waiting for their stuff.

The Numenera Kickstarter comments section

Not anything like before but evidently they are still having problems with fulfillment. Or not really trying to hard to fulfill anything. As I said back before when all this was going on they appear more concerned with 'new money' from new people than with 'old money' they've already gotten from people before.

Apparently it's happening on a few of their other Kickstarters as well. People still not getting what they backed for.

The Strange comments section

Numenera boxed set comments section

So after seeing this I'm a still so glad I decided to never again back anything that Monte Cook Games does. Nor will I ever buy anything they do, or even play in a game they put out. I'm just to that much level of 'fuck this' with them.

If you want to buy their stuff I'll give you a link with my affiliate code attached. Because I'm like always needing a few more cents in credit at Drivethru to buy stuff I really want.

Monte Cook Games on DrivethruRPG

Also if you are interested in reading my old blog posts on this just look for the 'numenera' label at the bottom of this post and give it a click.

Now to go find something to complain about next time.  Because bitching about shit feels so good.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Twilight 2000 book lot for sale.

For Sale: Large Twilight 2000 collection.  Books are in used condition and specific questions just ask.  The 1st edition box has some very obvious deep warping on the left side, contents are fine just missing one or two dice. 

Asking price: $300 + Shipping costs.  Shipping from Missouri, USA.


Book list:

500 Twilight 2000 1st edition boxed set

501 The Free City of Krakow

502 Pirates of the Vistula

503 The Ruins of Warsaw

504 US Army Vehicle Guide

505 The Black Madonna

507 Red Star Lone Star

508 RDF Sourcebook

509 Armies of the Night

510 Allegheny Uprising

511 Airlords of the Ozarks

512 Gateway to the Spanish Main

513 King's Ransom

514 Soviet Vehicle Guide

515 Urban Guerilla

516 Small Arms Guide

517 The Last Submarine

519 Howling Wilderness

521 Boomer

522 Satellite Down

525 Heavy Weapons Guide

526 NATO Vehicle Guide

527 White Eagle

528 Survivor's Guide to the United Kingdom

552 Twilight Encounters boxed set

1991 Desert Shield Fact Book

2000 Twilight 2000 2nd edition book

2002 Infantry Weapons of the World

2003 American Combat Vehicle Handbook

2004 Soviet Combat Vehicle Handbook

2005 Merc: 2000

2006 Bangkok Cesspool of the Orient

2008 Merc: 2000 Gazetteer

2009 Nautical/Aviation Handbook

2010 Twilight Nightmares

2011 Heavy Weapons Handbook

2012 Special Operations

2016 Operation Crouching Dragon

2018 Rendezvous in Krakow

401 City of Angels