Sunday, October 15, 2017

Jaded Gamer - screw the local community

I am completely done with the local gaming community.  It's taken a while to get to the point but I now I'm all the way there.  Now I've been fading out of the community for a few years now, but at first it was mainly due to lack of time to be involved in anything.  Being a single parent taking care of two kids will do that to you.  But then last year it started changing.

The fucking US election and the clusterfuck it was is the reason.  I was friends on facebook with a lot of the local gamers.  Boy was that a mistake.  It didn't take long for them to start showing their political colors and their very unsavory beliefs to make me stand back and say fuck all that.

Now I know people are always saying you don't have to talk about politics, a lot of the time it never comes up, etc.  But the problem it did come up.  They spoke some of their deepest shittiest opinions online and several of the others agreed with them.  People I had been friends with for years were coming out and saying all liberals should be rounded up and shot/deported/locked into mental wards/etc... and I'm a liberal.  Why the ever living fuck would I want to set at the same table with somebody who wishes this kind of shit on me, much less engage in a friendly social activity with them. Got see people supporting the idea of genocide against gay people simply because they wanted equal rights.  Many passed around a meme calling for them to be put into concentration camps.

This went on for months.  I started unfriending a lot of people, probably dumped around thirty in one day.  Family members, friends I've had for decades, you name it I just dumped their asses off my list.  Didn't want to see what they said anymore and I never really want to anymore. 

It continues to this day.  Many of them Trumpstains who think that admitted sex offender/liar/corrupt business man (all of these are proven FACTS) can do no wrong.  Who cheer at the idea of millions being thrown off of health care, who cheer at the idea that my son has a pre existing condition that would make in hard for me to get insurance for him in the private sector.  They call for forced patriotism or be shot/deported/beaten. 

To many in the local community have shown their colors.  To many of them have shown what they really are on the inside.  I'm done with the lot of them.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Jaded Gamer Diary - Damn it Atlas.

Well Atlas just dropped a bit of news on the upcoming Over The Edge reboot. 

You can read what they said here.

Evidently they are doing an all new system for a 'new generation' to go with it as well.  That about sucked all my interest and excitement I had for it right out the window.  New generation systems like FATE and Power By The Apocalypse do absolutely nothing for me.  They actually manage to make me not have fun at the gaming table.  So I'm looking at this news as the new edition being a regular shit show for a fan of the classic like me. 

I used to really like Atlas Games to.  But damned if that's not something really hard to do nowdays.  Especially after they priced Unknown Armies 3rd edition so high that it only looked reasonably priced compared to a full buy in for DnD 5th ed. 

Now they are going to mess with one of the two things that made OtE great.  It was both the setting and the system that worked so good together.  It was different, it was unique.  It spawned imitators and those imitations spawned imitators.  Now Atlas is going to evidently imitate the imitations of the imitations of what they originally made.  Shit sounds like seventies Playboy or something. 

I'll look at the Kickstarter, but I'm damned sure not buying in if it smells like some of the current batch of 'new generation' systems out there.  Damned sure not backing without seeing at least a quickstart.  Also not backing if they price it anywhere near the way they did UA.