Sunday, September 30, 2018

Roll A D20 - Cyberpunk bar names

Need a quick name for a bar in your Cyberpunk game? Grab a D20.

1 – The Crankcase

2 – Neon Divinity

3 – Meat House

4 – Axes and Eights

5 – Glitch

6 – Arc Light

7 – Brisance

8 – The E.O.D.

9 – The Base Charge

10 – Absolute Data

11 – The Dead Man Switch

12 – Burn In

13 – Black Core

14 – Just Another Cold Site

15 – Honeymonkey Hideout

16 – Monoculture Immunity

17 – Hard Frame

18 – Zero Day

19 – Alpha Whiskey Romeo

20 – Beers, Bullets and Blue Canoes

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Roll a D20 - My Bag of Holding Does What?

Sometimes you want a slightly cursed item.  Nothing really super bad but somewhat bad, or maybe just a little bit humorous.  Just to add some flavor.

So when you don't want to go full on Bag of Devouring with a PCs Bag of Holding here is a quick chart to give them a different, hopefully more memorable, side affect.

Twenty odd side affects for a Bag of Holding.

1 – Everything comes out feeling just a tad bit slimy.

2 – All ropes, strings, scarfs, etc come out tied in nots.

3 – Whenever you have two or more similar items in the bag (example one magic sword and one regular sword) you have to roll to see which one you pull out.

4 – Everything comes out with an ID tag tied to saying it's something that it is not.

5 – Whenever you reach into the bag it feels like hands tugging at your arm and item you are grabbing.

6 – When you pull an item out of the bag it makes a loud screaming noise.

7 – The bag appears to breath and at night it even snores.

8 – When jostled around the bag makes a sound like a snake rattle.

9 – Any blank parchment placed inside comes out covered in badly written poetry.

10 – Black soot seems to leak from the bag at random times.

11 – Whenever a spell is cast nearby that targets the undead the bag jerks, twitches and moves around.

12 – If you look into the bag you see a big eye staring at you from the bottom.

13 – Any empty containers placed in the bag come out filled with chalk dust.

14 – Spiders crawl out of the bag from time to time. All sizes and varieties.

15 – Perishable food placed inside goes bad five times faster than normal.

16 – Any water stored inside comes out as tea.

17 – When you reach inside your hand comes out with your fingernails painted in different colors and designs.

18 – Most metal objects that have been in the bag for more than a week come out magnetized.

19 – Anything flammable that has been in the bag for more than a week now burns with an odd green flame.

20 – Everything comes out slightly hot when touched.

If you liked this you may also like my small sourcebook "I Found What in my Bag of Holding?". Available at DrivethruRPG for just a buck. With four hundred random things that may come out of your PCs bag.

Until next time....

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Jaded Gamer Diary - Total War: Rome 2

Well the man babies are at it again. A video game company did something they didn't like so they are throwing a temper tantrum, demanding people be fired and acting like complete and utter morons. What are they up in arms about this time?  They took the dicks off some generals in Total War: Rome 2.

Yeah they are negative review bombing because there can now be female generals.

The main thing that strikes me the most about this mob of morons is a lot of them are GamerGate supporters as well.  They may not have said much the last year or so but if you scroll back on them you can find all the GG boners hanging out and proud.  You see one of the issues a lot of Gaters had about reviews was that they should only be based on game play... according to them.  So when somebody complained about the bouncing super sized breasts, cleavage shots, ass shots, panty shots, etc being a bit to much they would toss his argument out that only game play matters.  The visuals should matter in a game review they said.

Well now they are bitching about the visuals because the addition of female generals changed game play absolutely zero percent.  So when it comes up that their digital general is packing digital meat in their digital pants they are in an uproar. Fucking pathetic.

They claim it's about 'historical accuracy' but yet they never seem to get their underwear up their own ass cracks about any other inaccuracy ever. They are also riding high on the horse over getting Jessica Price fired and think if they mob up and make demands they can get what they want. I mean Arenanet caved like a wet paper sack for them so why not everybody else?

People like this are a sad example of gamers everywhere.  When others call gamers 'losers' I tell them that the losers are over there and point to these guys.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Cyberpunk Sunday 9-2-18

A collection of various links to cyberpunk stuff in the tabletop gaming area this week. 

Small micro cyberpunk RPG for the price of zero.
Electric Sheep

Kill Code came out for Shadowrun with advanced Matrix rules.
Shadowrun: Kill Code

R. Talsorian Games has been doing a 'Celebration of Cyberpunk' over on their blog this week.
R. Talsorian Games

Last but not least is 48 minutes of actual gameplay footage from the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 video game which is based off of the classic Cyberpunk 2020 rpg.
Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Footage