Monday, January 7, 2019

Cyberpunk 2020 - Defense Designs

Defense Designs

A new company from the on the market specializing in custom firearms for an individuals protections. Bottom line they make polymer one shot pistols with various design and appearance options that are printed up and dispersed in five minutes at their specialty kiosks. The company itself is based out of Pacific rim region which is the kingdom of the cheap knock off in the first place. Although the internals only come in three actual designs it's the exterior that can be modified and adjusted to a persons desire.

First you slide your ID into a built in scanner to the system can run a background check before selling you a firearm. Do note that there is nothing in place to make sure you are using YOUR actual ID and not somebody else. Then you pick out the desired level of firepower: Light 6mm, Medium 9mm or Heavy 11mm. Note that Heavy is not available in all jurisdictions. Next you are given a wide variety out outside appearance options, everything look a likes to popular pistols, science fiction appearance and a variety of ones from other sources. You will select a color, even the choice of multiple colors and marbleized. A list of add on options will come up and the ability to place your own custom designed graphics or logos on to the handle or other flat surfaces.

Once all your options are finalized you are given a final price. Once paid the machine starts working selecting out the base internals from a stock inside the machine and using a high speed 3D Printer for everything else. After five minutes the finished product is dispersed through a slot in the front with one magazine with no rounds inside. Defense Designs usually has a ammunition kiosk nearby for easy use.


Base pistol Light 60eb, Medium 200eb, Heavy 80eb in a single color.

Options at 1eb each: each additional color, flashlight, key ring loop, LED clock in grip, neon stripes,

Advanced options: individual logo or graphic 3eb, laser sight 3eb, marbleized color pattern 2eb, no scuff clear coat 3eb,

Weapon Stats:

Defense Designs Light 101 P – 0 – P – C – 1D6+1 (6mm) – 10 – 2 – ST – 50m

Defense Designs Medium 101 P – 0 – J – C – 2D6+1 (9mm) – 12 – 2 – ST – 50m

Defense Designs Heavy 101 P – 0 – J – C – 3D6 (11mm) – 8 – 2 – ST – 50m

Story Seeds.

Defense Designs is paying qualified people (Techies mainly) to go around and refill the kiosks when they start to run low on material. Pay is 25eb per servicing of a station and you use their provided minivans with the logo emblazoned on the side.

A gang has been causing trouble downtown and the PC' have been hired to shut them down. One of the leads is they all use Defense Designs pistols with their gang sign on them. The company will not give up any information so a Netrunner will have to hack their system to find out which Kiosks they use to print their guns at. Thus helping them narrow down where the gang is centered at.

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  1. Quick question, how many employees does defense designs have? Like troops/covert?

    1. I would strongly doubt that they have anything above security guards at a couple warehouses. As they simply produce kiosks to make throw away guns the big corps like Militech wouldn't see them as a threat at all. If there was any sort of need they could probably hire a small team of freelance solos for a quick mission or two.

      Of course it's your game when you are running it so making them something bigger is always an option.