Thursday, July 29, 2021

Sponsorship - Tube


This is a collection of two companies that sponsor runners, musicians, and other popular figures in a dark future. Games with heavy corporate control or constant television presence work the best. Using sponsors allows the GM to toss a little extra cash to the PC's in their games without creating an overwhelming flow of cash.

All prices included are listed in 'credits'. To transfer over to other settings, you can figure one credit to be worth the amount of a decent coffee purchased at a gas station

One assumption of this resource is that there are numerous AI programs scanning the endless television channels and social media networks all day long. If it is caught on television in any fashion, good or bad, the amount of time is recorded. On social media the amount of likes or views a person receives is recorded. The data is then sent back to the companies so they can determine who gets paid out.


Sometimes all you need are the basics to keep you going. Our bodies only require a specific amount of nutrition to keep going, with that amount increasing if we are more active. So why would anyone want to digest more than they have to? Why streamline your own body to near perfection if you aren't doing the same thing for your insides? With Tube that's what you do. Giving your body exactly what it needs, no more, no less.

Sold, as their name would lead you to believe, by the tube. Each Basic tube containing enough to replace a normal meal. Other tubes are smaller and for specific activities named Heavy Work, Work Out – Cardio, Work Out – Muscle Building, Extended Activity, and Healing. Also listed on each type of tube is the recommended amount of water that one should drink while consuming the product.

This product started as a more upper class product aimed at physical fitness junkies. Now the popularity has spread out to many other demographics and thus throughout the city. You can find Tube in most markets and convenience stores. Along with several kiosks located throughout the city, usually with a bottle water kiosk built into it. A Basic tube sells for 8 credits while most of the supplemental tubes sell for 5 credits each.

What is inside of the tube is a gray paste that is rather gritty. The taste is usually compared to that of Styrofoam or unflavored jello. The container itself resembles a large toothpaste tube with a wider nozzle at the end.

The franchise tends to sponsor those with athletic and healthy living backgrounds. They are also branching out into backing operators, bounty hunters, and other folks who tend to get air time and have to stay fit in order to do their jobs. They don't sponsor those just starting out and instead go for those who have built themselves up a little already.

Basic Sponsorship package

They are required to wear a high grade plastic wrap shaped to fit their lower leg. Held in place with Velcro straps, colored a light gray with a black logo and a unique serial code underneath. The design is very prominent and can be picked up by the media scanning AI's very easily.

They receive a bonus of 3 credits for each time they appear on television with the logo visible. With an additional 2 credits for every minute they are on. For social media networks they receive 1 credit per 40k 'likes' or similar. There is a maximum of 40 credits payed out per month.

If they hit the monthly maximum, or have done something special to garner notice, they are sent a bonus. A six pack of Tube with one of each of the supplements.

Advanced Sponsorship package

This is achieved once they have collected 200 credit in payout.

They now offer to have the logo and bar code placed on a persons boots or onto a large surface of their armor.

They also receive the same payout based on television appearances/viewers, but the maximum per month is raised to 80 credits.

A special package of six basic Tubes and a eighteen supplemental tubes of their choice are now delivered to the sponsored individual.

Levels beyond this are all privately negotiated

John “The Original” Doe, the first fully successful self aware clone produced by the now defunct genetics company 'Duality' is one of the biggest faces for Tube. Claiming that it's precise nutritional dose is exactly what he needs to keep in top shape for his dark op activities. Appearing on infomercials and leading the front on the 'Tube Lifestyle' that fitness fanatics are raving about. Even the side of their kiosks have his picture down their sides. He is provided all the Basic and supplemental tubes he needs.

“Everything you need, it's in the Tube”

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