Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Sponsorship - Sumthin Beer


This is a collection of two companies that sponsor runners, musicians, and other popular figures in a dark future. Games with heavy corporate control or constant television presence work the best. Using sponsors allows the GM to toss a little extra cash to the PC's in their games without creating an overwhelming flow of cash.

All prices included are listed in 'credits'. To transfer over to other settings, you can figure one credit to be worth the amount of a decent coffee purchased at a gas station.

One assumption of this resource is that there are numerous AI programs scanning the endless television channels and social media networks all day long. If it is caught on television in any fashion, good or bad, the amount of time is recorded. On social media the amount of likes or views a person receives is recorded. The data is then sent back to the companies so they can determine who gets paid out.

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Sumthin Beer

When it's been a long day and you need a cold one to help wash away the pain of the day, but you don't have a lot of cash. Well then what you are looking for is Sumthin Beer. Low in price, high in alcohol, as for the taste... well let's just say that after a couple you won't notice it anymore. It's cheap and can get you drunk quick, that's the entire selling point of this product.

Sold almost entirely in the lower class sections of a city. Although some high class individuals like to be seen with a bottle so they can appear as 'slumming it' on their social networks. You can pick it up in nearly every convenience store, bar, night club and they even have street vendors with refrigerated carts selling at, or near, popular events. Comes in three sizes: Regular (4 credits), Big Bottle (6 credits), and the smaller A Little (2 credits). Also there is now Sumthin Different which changes to a random color when opened for only a one extra credit per bottle.

The franchise offers sponsorship opportunities to those who have even the smallest chance of being noticed by the public eye. They particularly like sponsoring those who are known to frequent parties and bars.

Basic Sponsorship package

They are required to wear a plastic wrap shaped to fit on their upper back. Held in place with elastic straps, colored a light brown with the logo in dark colors and a unique serial code underneath. The design is very prominent and can be picked up by the media scanning AI's very easily.

They receive a bonus of 1 credit for each time they appear on television with the logo visible. With an additional 1 credit for every minute they are on. For social media networks they receive 1 credit per 30k 'likes' or similar. There is a maximum of 20 credits payed out per month.

They also receive a coupon that can be cashed in at any place selling Sumthin for a free Regular bottle. This coupon is sent to them once every two weeks. If they hit their maximum credits payout for the month, then five free coupons are immediately sent out. A few folks have been known to save up their coupons and use them for trade and barter in the shadier parts of the city.

Advanced Sponsorship package

This is achieved once they have collected 100 credits in payout.

The logo upper back wrap is upgraded to a higher more durable grade of plastic and is held in place with Velcro straps.

They also receive the same payout based on television appearances/viewers, but the maximum per month is raised to 40 credits.

Their coupons are increased to one a week. Plus, if they make a good appearance on television with the logo very clear, a few more may be mailed out to them as a 'bonus'.

Levels beyond this are all privately negotiated

While Sumthin Beer isn't a company that many stay with on a long term there are exceptions. The once highly popular bounty hunter 'Teeth' Thomson has been with them for years and he is a common feature on many of their television commercials. Even after his retirement from his job, they use him quite often especially during their roll out of Sumthin Different. He is often given stacks of coupons to use or simply give out whenever he feels like. Some people even have him sign them and never cash it in.

“When you need A Little Sumthin.”

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