Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Jaded Gamer - Game Shop Auctions


Saw this post over on rpgnet and I really wish the local shops in my area would do this. 

Yeah, there's a store here locally that (prior to COVID) held two auctions a year. I'd pack up half a dozen or a dozen crates full of RPG books I didn't want anymore (I've been doing this a long time) and give them a list of the books and the minimum prices for each (aka the amount so low that I'd rather keep the book than the money--I have filled out $0 before for books that had water damage and if literally anyone wanted them they could just have them, but if people wanted to bid up from zero that was fine, too).

Then they do the auction and whatever the games sell for, they keep. I get store credit for the same amount. Since they're buying stock from distributors but my store credit is used to purchase things at retail prices, they're making money on that transaction, but there's no upper limit to my store credit. They're still making whatever the % difference is on wholesale vs. retail. If they gave out cash, they wouldn't make money off the deal and might not make money at all since I could take my cash and use it for groceries or something instead of more games.

But instead we have a shop that will let you sell your used games on their shelf but you only get half of that after it sells and only in store credit. Another one gives you the full amount in store credit but only for purchases of games that are in stock so no special orders... and they don't have much in stock. Another doesn't do anything at all.

I wish they would think a little bit out of the box and do stuff like this. 

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