Monday, February 16, 2015

Eoris Essence saved from the shredder

Back in 2010 a RPG called Eoris Essence was released.  It was two very nice looking hard cover books in a slip case.  The art was pretty damned high quality and the overall appearance of the books was jaw dropping.  A lot of work had gone into producing this game and you could see it dripping off of each page.

For some reason I had never heard of it until recently.  Apparently it got some talk when released but just didn't catch on.  From what I've heard there was a price tag of somewhere around a hundred bucks attached to it (no proof just what others have told me) and that would definitely keep a game from selling in the RPG market.

So on rpgnet the people who own the game made the following post:

"We are very sorry to inform that on February the 15th 2015 the remaining books of Eoris Essence will be destroyed. We simply do not have the resources to keep the books in storage anymore and have no alternate choice.

This is the last week to get a copy.

We love and appreciate those who followed us during these harsh years and apologise to those who could have gotten a book but will not be able to.


Daniel Torres "

The thread on rpgnet can be found here.

Of course I went and took a look at what they were talking about since this was the first I had ever heard of the game.  Just judging from what they have up on their site I was impressed.  Then I clicked over to Amazon and checked out the price and they had reduced it to 30 dollars.  So I picked up a copy.

Find the Eoris website here.

Find Eoris Essence on Amazon here.

Having received my copy I will say that this is a hefty pair of books.  Solid production with quality above and beyond just about anything else on the market.  A bit of fast reading gives me the impression that the base mechanics are a bit similar to early Storyteller from White Wolf except using D20's.  While the setting is really detailed and would probably take a good while to be absorbed.  That's my quick impression.

Evidently enough people went and bought books that the folks behind the game could rent the warehouse space from Amazon for another semester.  So I'm guessing they still have quite a few books on hand to sell.  So please go give a look to what they have up on their site and see if' it's something you would like to add to your collection.  If anything just the visual appearance of the book alone is something nice to have around.

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