Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Cyberpunk The Sound of Music session one recap


I need to start this off by saying this Cyberpunk 2020 game I am in has gone so far different from any other one I've ever played in. Our GM's ability to change things up and just roll with it is astounding at times. Now let's get into the details.

We all rolled up Rockerboys. We decided to really go punk and actually go punk rock with it. To the point we are slumming in an abandoned building and scrounging for money. But hey we got some skills to play some music and we just got get ourselves heard. And get heard we did, for better or for worse. 

Now the juvenile humor was in pretty high swing here. But that really does fit a group of punk band members pretty well. We called ourselves the 'Ass Martians' and we don't sell out. Well but we did enter a competition for a chance to be an opening act at a special show at the dome. But the unforeseeable happened, something we did not expect, we won. Now we are actually on a pretty big list of names and we need to get the word out and promote ourselves somehow. Maybe after we get done getting wasted at the bar. 

 I figured some videos social media would be our way to break out. Of course the best time to record my other band mates is when they're drunk and highly susceptible to suggestion.  Mistake were made. People that got involved should never have been involved, innocent bystanders that were higher than a kite got involved. Accusations were made and crazy wobbly video footage of drunk people wrestling in front of a row of coffin hotels was made. 

Soon the band member known as Ceaser got a new name on social media as 'Buttfucker'. Yeah it was a twisted road that got to that point which somehow never actually involved any buttfucking. Although there was mention of it with some random guy... and maybe his sister. But we won't go there. The drummer, who kept talking about how swole he was, soon got the name 'Swollen Love Knuckle'. The both of them kept yelling at me when I was filming. Which in turned earned me the name I was called the most and dammit I became 'Cocksucker' somehow (me suggesting Kerry Eurodyne was cut had nothing to do with it... honest). 

One person caught up in one of our shenanigans was a corporate executive who was slumming it downtown to feed his drunk and debauchery habit. Which wouldn't have been bad except that he later turned up dead and we may have the last film of him alive... and high as a giraffe's asshole.  Now the Night City PD want to talk to talk to us (it doesn't help that Buttfucker and Swollen Love Knuckle were already wanted) about it in a very direct manner. Plus we're sure the corporate suits aren't going to like us either. 

The video goes viral. Buttfucker is getting recognized on the street by people now. Me and Swollen are selling t-shirts with his picture on them as merch. Oh and we got a pack of nomads hired as security at the big show we are doing. Can you say this isn't going to go well?

Now we are working on a few new songs. One dedicated to Johnny Silver hand and how he has influenced our band over the years. We are calling it "Johnny We Took Turns Banging Your Mom - a love story". 

In two weeks the adventures of the foul mouthed, asshole band known as the Ass Martians will continue. I'm just wonder how much worse it could get. But on the bright side nobody got shot in the first game and I got to swing a sledge hammer around on stage!

Until then follow this link to DrivethruRPG and buy the Cyberpunk 2020 corebook in print or pdf. Or just follow that link and buy anything so we get a little kick back. We need the money to cover the eventual court cases involving Buttfucker. 


  1. Bloody Brilliant. This is how Cyberpunk games SHOULD go. Keep us appraised of the further shenanigans the Ass Martians krew get up to.
    Ezra da Wikked Hob (AKA Bran Mac Cailleach).

  2. Outstanding! Keep the updates coming, and watch your ass!

  3. Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
    written and performed by the Ass Martians

    Slummin in Haywood, looking for some pills
    Tylenol PM sure to kill my ills
    Sleeping in a coffin, blood in my piss
    shit in my pants, this is my last caress

    Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

    NCPD stop me on the 'walk
    Sayin, “scuse me, sir, we just want to talk”
    Corporate high-roller found dead in the street
    left in an alley for the rats to eat

    Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
    Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
    Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

  4. "Johnny We Took Turns Banging Your Mom - a love story"
    written and performed by the Ass Martians

    Cocksucker, Buttfucker, Love Knuckle
    We all took a turn
    Stood her on her head and fucked her like a butter churn

    Little bit o syncoke
    little bit o speed
    Mouth, ass and hand
    She fucked the whole band

    Ringing on the bell
    She was so nice
    She took us all thrice
    Bobbing on our cocks
    When all was said and done
    None of us could walk!

    We took turns, banging your mom!
    We took turns, banging your mom!