Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Jaded Gamer Diary - Coyote and Crow


Well over the last few days there has been a list of 'woke' game companies to avoid. This 'red' list written up by some dickwads who are afraid of anything different from what they are used to has gotten quite a bit of talk on social media. To show you just what a cowardly lot these folks are let me show you one of the entries. 

Now Coyote and Crow isn't even out yet, it's successfully funded on Kickstarter and is in the process of being finished up. By the description on the red list it sounds like these are some terrible folks. Well that's what the backassward pricks would like you to think. Just go take one look at the Coyote and Crow website to find out what the game is really about.

It's about a world where colonization of the Americas never happened. Where native American tribes were not slaughtered wholesale and ravaged by disease brought over from Europe. Where they were allowed to develop and grow. This is a game written by native Americans and is about the world of what could have been if there wasn't an attempted genocide done to their people. 

But that is big evil scary to the fuckwits who came up with the red list. It's not white centralized and that makes them uneasy and afraid. 

To me this sounds like an intriguing setting. Something I would actually like to read. If you think the same as I do then follow them on Twitter for more updates and watch for the games upcoming release. Then go track down that red list for some more good games to look into. 

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  1. Reading over C&C, I've read nothing that says "white people don't exist". In fact, I don't recall reading anything racist in any of it, and I have backed them from near the beginning.
    Thanks for getting the word out.