Sunday, February 21, 2021

Six Pack: Modern Day Mage Spells


Six spells for Modern Day Urban Mages. Living in the big city doesn't mean a mage can't thrive. Here are six spells specifically tailored for those who live in the concrete jungle. 

  1. Musical Accompaniment. This is a memorized song that is played whenever the spell is cast. It sounds like it is coming from a source a few feet above you. The better of a mage you are the more songs you may have memorized into your 'song list' to change up what you can play when you want.

  2. City Vision. This spell grants the caster to see various invisible or unseen things common in most cities. Things like security beams, infrared lasers, electrical currents, even the pipes and wiring running through a wall or the sewers below a street.

  3. Camera Sight. When cast the mage can see through the lenses of nearby security and closed circuit television cameras. They also can 'flip' from one camera to another trying to get the view they want.

  4. Money on the street. The caster will find or acquire a sum of money by sheer luck within a few seconds after casting. The amount can vary depending on system requirements withing your game system, more magic points spent/level of the caster/etc equals more money. Examples: Find a wallet on the street with no identification but a few bills still folded inside, cause a ball at the roulette table hit the number that you are betting on.

  5. Electrical discharge. Much like the common lightening bolt except it draws power from nearby electrical sources. Such as streetlights, local buildings, even car batteries. This is also very flashy due as large sources will arc the electricity to you and most lights will burst and so will several other objects when drawn from. Of course, the more sources to draw from within the immediate vicinity the more powerful it will be.

  6. Start Up. This triggers things like car ignitions, machine on buttons and anything else that has an electrical operation system. It can also be used to flip electrical car and door locks.   

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