Monday, February 4, 2019

Cyberpunk 2020 - Hypnotica


Designers of high end virtual environments and scenarios. Well this is what they say, actually they are more like a design company that makes the best virtual sims they can for those with the minimal amount of neuralware. All one needs to use Hypnotica VR products is a one of their consoles with a set of goggles and a pair of free interface plugs.
The goggles show the user what is going on around them with a bit of direct interface leading to the first free plug slot. The second plug is connected directly to the console and detects user movements before they happen and uses that information to adjust what the user is seeing. Thus a person hooked into the console will only display small twitches but will see and feel a full range of motion taking place in their environment.

With hundreds of various VR sims available ranging from video games, tactical training simulators and some adults only material this has become a popular system. Third party titles are starting to flood into the marketplace along with several bootleg products as well.


A base Hypnotica home unit costs 600eb and comes with the console, goggles and connecting wires. Sims can range from 100eb for new releases down to 10eb for older material. On the blackmarket they can fetch whatever the seller thinks they can get.


While Hypnotica does offer Sponsorship they don't do it like many other smaller companies do. Instead of going by television or net air time they prefer to sponsor individual events or actions. This works out especially well for Rockerboys and Media covering preset games or newsworthy displays.

They pay 20eb per event for those who are small and starting out. Providing banners and vids to be displayed on screens. These do, of course, have to be returned in order to get paid and must be openly in view of the majority of the audience. Performances by bands are what comes to mind immediately but Hypnotica has also sponsored large tech swap meets, political announcements, sports events and protest rallies.

Once a sponsored individual has worked a few times for the company and is bringing in larger crowds then the pay goes up to 40eb per event. Also a larger selection of promotional items will be provided in the form of give away gear like shirts, key-chains, logo emblazoned firearm magazines and such. Sometimes even a few copies of their latest Sim to create contests as well.
Higher levels of sponsorship are negotiated behind closed doors in private.

'Static' Jones is a very well known Techie of amazing capabilities. He is what other tinkerers hope to become. Besides building specialized devices for high paying clients he also enjoys hosting very large 'flea market' style meets in various cities. These attract thousands of tech dedicated individuals and those who wish to hire them. Always hanging from banners and across the ceiling are Hypnotica logos along with a stall for the company to sell and demo their wares.

Story seeds

Somebody is selling some black market copies of popular programs on the down low. What the users don't realize is that the version they are using sends a location signal back to the techies who burned up the hacked version. They in turn show up while the user is jacked in to the simulation and remotely crank up the interface so it minimizes what they can hear going on around them. Then once this is done they enter their home and rob them blind while they lay on the couch playing their game. Well somebody has traced the signal back to the techies now and have hired the runners to take them out.

A mysterious third party has released a sim based around several popular adult film stars. But they have also loaded it up with subliminal messages that cause a heavy user to spend even more money on their vices than normal. Maybe one of the victims could be a runner in the group or a close friend.

Another punk rockerboy band has fallen in popularity and decided to skip off without returning their Hypnotica promotional material. Now when they do play they display the banners and such while shouting obscenities about the company, blaming them for their drop in the market. Well Hypnotica wants their stuff back and they don't care if you rough up the band or not.

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