Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cyberpunk Sunday: Blackhands Street Weapons review.

Ah something about those old 80's and 90's RPGs that are such a guilty pleasure. Especially when it comes to the ever expanding lists of weapons and equipment.  Paging through books to find just the right gun with just the right attachments so you can get that extra point or two of damage AND a plus to hit.  Now days people like to turn their nose up to such things but those of us who remember still love to blow the dust off our books and get down to some gear buying bliss.

For Cyberpunk 2020 most groups drool over the Chromebooks and, of course, Blackhands Street Weapons.  The quintessential gun book for the game as it collected every firearm, knife and oddball weapons system into one volume.  Oh and it gave us a brand new gun as well. 

Now don't go buying this expecting some long written out source material.  This is simply a compendium of weapons and ammunition.  Each weapon has a little blurb with a bit of flavor, complete set of stats and costs.  Along with a bit about recoil on the big guns and that's about it.  This keeps the book slim and compact which makes it great for at the table reference when somebody forgot (or can't find) their weapon stats.  This is what I consider to be a major selling point.  No frills just giving you exactly what you want.

For those who love to run their Cyberpunk 2020 'by the book' in all it's glory this book is a must have at your table... or at least in your GM stash. 

Available in pdf format AND in print via POD at a very reasonable price.

Find it at DriveThruRPG.

Find it at RPGNow.

Good luck on the streets until next Sunday chummers.


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