Saturday, August 2, 2014

#RPGaDay day two

Today it's "First RPG Gamemastered" on #RPGaDAY.

This one is easy.  First time I ever ran a game it was Vampire: The Masquerade first edition maybe just a few weeks after its release.  I was always looking for the game I wanted to try and run, fantasy just wasn't something I wanted to do though.  Finally one month in a Dragon magazine they reviewed two games that caught my interest.  One was Dark Conspiracy from GDW and the other was Vampire: The Masquerade from White Wolf. 

I firmly believe I made the right decision.  Years later I picked up Dark Conspiracy and can say I would never have ran it at that time.  But Vampire was different, it was trying to push around the norms that I had been used to in gaming, plus it was modern horror and the dice mechanics looked pretty cool.

Ran that game all sorts of wrong.  Lots of bad plots, stories, homebrewed rules, etc.  But it was one hell of a learning experience.  Vampire was a great rpg, Ron Edwards can go fuck himself over his statements on it, so can a few others actually.  I still have that first edition book someplace, it's just in a three ring binder now because I ran that thing until it fell to pieces. 

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