Monday, August 29, 2016

SLA Industries - SLURPS

A resource for SLA Industries.

Slurps is a popular frosty drink available throughout Downtown via their bright green kiosks. This frozen treat comes in 6 popular flavors: Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Red and Purple; along with two special flavors that change out from month to month including such wonders as Vermillion, Turquoise, Aquamarine and more. Slurps frosties have been a 'flavorite' among residents young and old and a staple of the World of Progress... in Downtown. Slurps are only a 3 uni a cup, 5 uni if you choose to walk away with a plastic collectors cup.

The franchise offers early sponsorship opportunities to operatives who are fresh to the field and hungry for exposure... and the credits necessary to get the fame they desire. While they don't offer much they are aware that in the early beginnings of an operatives career every little bit helps them on their way.

Basic Sponsorship package.

Operative is required to wear a plastic curved wrap on their upper arm. Held in place with elastic straps, colored bright green with the Slurps logo.

The Operative receives 1 credit per month. They receive an additional 4 credits for each time they appear on television with the logo visible. There is a maximum of 20 credits payed out per month.

The operative also receives a special Slurps card that can be used at any Slurps Kiosk for one free Slurp drink a week.

Advanced Sponsorship package.

Achieved once they have collected 40 credits in payout.

The logo arm wrap is upgraded to a higher more durable grade of plastic and is held in place with Velcro straps or Friction Tape.

Operative receives the same payout but the maximum per month is raised to 40.

Their Slurps card is upgraded to three free Slurps per week.

Levels beyond this are all privately negotiated. While most operatives don't stay with Slurps for very long once they start achieving some renown there are exceptions. Wraith Raider Contract Killer 'ChillThrill' has been with them for years and she is a common feature on many of their advertisements. Not to mention almost always seen with a Slurp in hand as she loves the ice cold drink. At some events she has been seen to pull out her 'Slurp Squad Card' which allows her to get free Slurps for her entire squad.... multiple times a day.

Drink and Chill... Slurps.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Cyberlimb malfunctions due to damage - Roll a D20

Random cyberlimb malfunctions due to damage. Grab a D20!

  1. Sparks pop from the damaged area every couple of minutes.
  2. The limb straightens out at random intervals a couple times a day.
  3. Whenever the limb is moved there is audible metal on metal grinding sound.
  4. All attempted movements are done at half the speed as usual.
  5. All attempted movements are done at twice the speed as usual.
  6. Damage receptors backfire causing them act as pain receptors via electrical shock.
  7. Every two hours exactly the limb shuts down and reboots, which takes five minutes.
  8. All attempted movements are exaggerated by about a foot.
  9. Continued smell of an electrical fire, after six hours the limb is inactive completely.
  10. Limb kicks into 'display mode' and takes various poses without warning.
  11. Catches fire internally and cannot be put out my standard fire extinguishers.
  12. All maintenance ports and hatches pop open and will not stay closed.
  13. Becomes exceedingly hot unless the limb is deactivated it will burn up eventually.
  14. Will no longer bend at the elbow or knee.
  15. The fingers or toes will not stop wiggling constantly.
  16. Bends at the knee or elbow and will not straighten out.
  17. The power drains quickly and must now be manually recharged with a plug in port.
  18. Electricity arcs throughout the limb scarring the metal and discoloring it.
  19. The limb trembles and shakes constantly.
  20. The medical emergency disconnect activates and the limb fall off.
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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Witch interrogation questions

Found this floating around on Twitter, seems they got shared around quite a bit so I'm not sure on the exact source.  But I am saving these for my 'Question of Faith' game.  Be a good start for a list of questions for the PC's to use when interrogating those suspected of having pacts with demons. 

"Judges in 17th C Alsace had a set of standardised questions with which to interrogate a witch; they are listed here."