Wednesday, August 6, 2014

#RPGaDAY Day Six

"Favorite RPG Never Get To Play" is todays #RPGaDay.

Mine would be Legend of the Five Rings.  I have never got to play a single session, only made characters for it.  Nobody around here seems to have any interest in running it and it's not something that I want to run.  I just want to play it... dammit.

My original interest in it came from the CCG.  It got a bit popular around here after a friend (Norm) and I picked up some Emerald Edition starters and gave it a shot.  At one time we had around ten or more people into it.  I had a ton of cards for it at one time, but I liked the setting more, especially the whole clan war storyline they had going on at the time.  Sadly the Hidden Emperor rolling thunder expansion line killed it deader than hell and it never came back in locally.

Would love to play a campaign in that setting.  Specifically either the setting in the 1st edition RPG, right before the clan war starts or during the clan war as in the CCG.  But I don't see that happening... ever.... especially around here.

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  1. Same here. The book/character generation intimidates the crap out of me, though!