Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Jaded Gamer Diary - Fuck Sla Industries.

Time to move some shit out.  Shit that I will most likely never play or run again.  Which, hell, I'm not sure if I'll run or play much of anything in the foreseeable future up until the time of my death.  You know what I'm saying?

Hitting that sales block will likely be all my Sla Industries stuff.  Bit done with the game you know.  That and what little I wasn't done with it the owners of the property and Daruma have pretty much ground into the dirt.  I mean they FINALLY do lots of really cool detailed artwork of armor, weapons, gear, creatures, etc.... BUT they are only going to release that art in the miniature game rules not in any sort of RPG release.

I mean really what the fuck?  I've seen a complaint that the RPG wasn't making that much money.  They failed to mention they haven't made any real attempt to support the RPG in near a decade now.  Or that something everybody has been asking for (that cool art work stuff up above) they never attempted to do until the miniature game company came along.

So yeah they have said fuck it to the fans so this fan is saying fuck it to the company. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Ingress review.

Ingress.  The first altered reality game put out by Niantic and much of it's development set the stage for the Pok√©mon game that came later on.  But it's been out for years now and is it worth the time for new players to join in on it?

Well my experience in giving it a try simply comes up to this.  No, it's not.

Quick basics.  Various landmarks and places show up as Portals.  Players drop Resonators on said portals to take control of them.  Then link portals together in triangles to form fields.  Lines cannot cross another line or be set up inside of another field.  There are two sides in the fight each trying to gain more than the opposing factions.  Oh you can also hack a portal to get gear... most of which all leads to getting more portals and created more lines and fields.

New players are ants to the guys who have been around a while.  You can be working along trying to learn you first bits about how the game works, setting up a few portals and making a few links.  Then suddenly somebody will come through and wipe everything out leaving behind their gear that you can't even put a dent into.  That or they will cover huge swathes of area with a field so nobody else inside that field can link create their own fields.  Your own higher level faction members will make these huge fields right over the top of you.  So there really is no 'team' at all.  Thus removing the ability to play what everything in the game leads up to.  So you can easily get screwed over by the people you think are on your side.

So, if you've been playing for years, have lots of time to go hour long treks and the money to pay for gas for those treks.  Then maybe it's the game for you.  Otherwise you could turn the game on and suddenly discover that you will have to hop into your car and travel for a half hour or more JUST to do something more than the basics of taking a portal. 

I've tried it for a week.  People who I am supposed to be on the same side as came through and drowned out many surrounding small towns, including the one I'm in, under one big field.  I don't have the time, money to put in the gas tank or patience for this. 

The sad part it was actually a bit of fun up until this point.  But damned if doesn't suck every drop of enjoyment out when all you can do is hack and drop resonators.  I mean I could attack something, but everything is either on the same 'side' as I am or several levels above me.  That and having people tell me the solution is to just go hack a lot and level up the slow way is laughable.  I mean really they want me to do the MMORPG grind in real life.  Sorry I'll go play a Korean grinder fantasy game at home without spending gas money if I wanted to do that.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Stones Landing

In my upcoming Advanced Fighting Fantasy game I will not be using the world provided in the book (which is called Titan).  Instead I will be using my own setting which has no title.  Hopefully I will be fleshing it out more with some regular blog posts here.  First up is Stones Landing, the city from which the characters will be embarking from for their adventures.


Stones Landing is the first, and so far only, established city along the Blighted Coast of the continent of Anmar. A continent that suffered much devastation in the previous sundering that nearly wiped out world clean. After isolation of nearly a hundred years Captain Abigale Stone dropped anchor in the remains of what was once a mighty sea side fortress forty years ago. The first years were fraught with peril from both a harsh environment and the twisted inhabitants what lived in the surrounding areas. The Bane was not kind to those who lived here before.

But with continued support from the Kingdom of Sil-Tarran there has been a slow claiming of the old keep and the surrounding areas. Clusters of houses, shops, stables and others structures have been erected with much haste and little planning. The result is a ramshackle city that resembles more of a township that simply keeps building on top of itself.

Nearby farmland has been replanted and is slowly providing crops once again. Along with a nearby mine that is giving forth ore after more than a century of silence. But the real bounty that is sought is that which is brought back by the brave few who venture forth into the depths of Anmar. Traveling what is left of the old roads and braving the creatures who lurk there. It has become a dream for adventurers seeking fame and, most importantly, fortune. But for every one who achieves this there are easily ten who have perished.

Some points have been mapped out and areas explored. But even those can warrant many hazards as the twisted remains of the Orc tribes regularly move around like blood hungry nomads. Or the occasional monstrosity created by the Nepentheans during the Sundering will make their way towards the new establishments of men. Entire small villages that have attempted to lay root at some distance from Stones Landing have vanished overnight. Leaving only burnt buildings, blood and the dead behind.

Those who seek to travel beyond the safety of the city can find anything they may need before leaving it's protected walls. Rations, arms and armor, information that may be of dubious worth, even some relics that others have brought back. Of course it's all for a price and coin is what the people who live here are after.