Friday, August 15, 2014

#RPGaDAY Day fifteen

Its time for "Favorite Convention Game" for #RPGaDAY.

First off I don't have a RPG for this one.  I cannot recall playing the same game twice at any convention.  Usually when I pick games to play its the stuff I haven't tried out but have heard good things about it or ones where my friends want me to play with them. 

So I'm just giving you my favorite game to play at conventions.  Well at least it used to be.  Lunch Money from Atlas Games was a hell of a good time.  Kids on the playground beating the crap out of each other, how could you go wrong with that?  Easy to play, all you need to play is the one box of cards and something to keep track of your life on.  There was an expansion that had some fun new stuff in it but was nowhere near being necessary. 

However... it used to be my favorite game.  Then some folks wanted to play it all the time.  Getting together to talk about a campaign you are thinking of running "Hey lets play a few games of Lunch Money!".  Hanging out watching movies "Hey lets play a few games of Lunch Money!" at the pizza place eating down a few slices "Hey lets play a few games of Lunch Money!".  It began replacing rpg time in the end.  This got old really, really quick.  Currently I don't ever want to play another game of it again.  But nothing has replaced this as my favorite pick up type of game at a con.

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