Monday, August 11, 2014

#RPGaDAY Day Eleven

It's day eleven for #RPGaDAY and it's "Weirdest RPG Owned".

For this one I give you....  The Lawnmower Man RPG from Leading Edge Games.

A company best known for either the overly detailed system that was Phoenix Command, which they then used to make a nearly unplayable Aliens RPG.  Or for created a cult favorite game setting with Living Steel.  They also got some licenses for odd movies to make games out of along with miniatures for those said games.

The one that always made me turn my head sideways and go WTF was Lawnmower Man.  The movie was okay at its best parts and not really something I would look to base a game off of.  But they did.  A virtual war of sorts taking place after the ending of the movie.  Using the same watered down version of their wanna be in-house game engine they made a game that wasn't really okay at its best parts. 

They even produced miniatures for it.  Which boggles the mind.  Ah well.

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