Friday, August 8, 2014

#RPGaDAY Day Eight

"Favorite Character" is todays topic on #RPGaDAY.

Easy, hands down, it's Finn.  Or Feingalf, Fincube, or many other names he's had hung on him.  He is what happens when you read way to much Poison Elves before gaming.  A half elf with a few drops of some sort of demon blood tossed in for good measure with a huge chip on his shoulder and a whole lot of hate built up inside of him.  To make it even better you talk other players into going along with you.

Ended up with Finns half brother (same scumbag father) Fin-decano (played by my actual brother) who was wanting to track down our father and kill him, which I was just fine with.  Goats Ass, the result of rolling the lowest possible number for appearance, then taking a bogey that makes it worse.  A few others off and on that just added to the insanity.  We made a bunch of thug, dirt bag, drug using, asshole elves and quickly got the group nicknamed "The Insane Elf Posse".

The kicker was we never played characters like this before.  Full on scum bag characters.  We caused all manner of mayhem and chaos every where we went.  But, and this is the real kicker, I had some goals in mind and the madness we created was nothing more than a smoke screen so I could work towards them.

One, kill my father.  High ranking military officer in the Hykorian army... and a rapist piece of shit who cared nothing for the lives of others.  This one has been accomplished with the help of my brother and we also managed a LOT of property damage in the process. 

Two, recuse my mother.  She made a deal with a demon to protect me.  The kickers were that when I turn thirteen she had to return to his world with him and I got a few drops of his blood in me.  So yeah I need to jump through a gate, fight through whatever he has protecting the place, kill the bastard, get my mother and make it back through.  Still working on this one.  Problem is the only gate I know of is in the Elven city of Firelake and they don't like me.  But I have a plan to raise all sorts of merry hell as a distraction to get where I need to go.

Three, find out who the bastard who exiled my mother in the first place (before I was even conceived) and kill their asses.

Four... and to sit on my thrown as the prince of Bel-Air or some such.

In the course of this I've become a quite good user of Earth and Sea magic, been trained by some of the most skilled sword fighters in the world, scavenged a small arsenal of magic items some of which are basically weapons of mass destruction and so much more.  It's been years of playing this character and hopefully years more just to get where I need to go.  Finn sees everything as something to be used to achieve those goals, people, objects, everything.  If he's being nice to you, helping you out, it's because you have potential of being a tool.

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