Saturday, August 9, 2014

#RPGaDAY Day Nine

"Favorite Die/Dice Set" is the #RPGaDAY for this fine morning.

Here's where I'm the odd person out.  I don't really have a favorite die or die set.  The whole luck thing is something I don't think about anymore.  I've also gone minimal and instead of carrying around a chunk of dice now I just carry the basics of what I need.  Below is what I pack.

The case is from a company called MS Clean when I backed their Kickstarter.  They made a gun cleaning kit case the size and shape of an M-16 magazine.  The person starting it was an ex-Marine I believe and hated the cleaning kits they were issued.  He came up with a nice hard case that could be carried easily in a magazine pouch and fit in with the rest of their gear.  I, of course, saw it and had another idea.  The Kickstarter was successful, his company is doing well, and I had a new dice box.

The dice inside are bog standard dice, nothing special, just grabbed out of my collection at home.  The only exception is the D20.  D20's made now are just a hair to tall for the case, so I dug out an artifact from when they weren't so large.  That's the D20 that came with my Dungeons and Dragons red box.

Also included are two pencils, one wooden and the other mechanical, and a flash drive for any info or pdfs that I need to bring.  For you to see laid out on top of some good gaming books.


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