Sunday, August 10, 2014

#RPGaDAY Day Ten

"Favorite Tie-In Novel/Game Fiction" for #RPGaDAY today. 

I never was much into game fiction.  Which is odd I really like to read but once it's related to a roleplaying game my interest usually drops to zero for some reason.  Maybe it's due to the amount of bad fiction that was out there early on.  But I have took a few chances and one turned out to be one hell of a good book.

Godwalker by Greg Stolze for the Unknown Armies rpg. 

This book gives you a nice good feel for the mood of the game.  The bizarreness of what is going on with those who walk in the occult underground.  I recommend it to anyone who found Unknown Armies of interest, or to those who like modern era fiction with a magical twist tossed in.  You can order the book in print here:

Godwalker on Cafepress

Or in pdf here:

Godwalker at Drivethrurpg

There you can also find a bit of synopsis that doesn't reveal to much.  Which is good because it's hard to say much of anything about the story without it being some level of a spoiler.

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