Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#RPGaDAY Day Twenty Seven

"Game you'd like to see a new / improved edition of" is what the menu says for todays #RPGaDAY.

Easily, hands down, without a doubt, KULT.

Kult was the game I ran the heck out of. Loved the setting, didn't mind the system at all and enjoyed coming up with dark evil shit to happen in the games.  Kult was MY game for many years.

But it really needs a fucking reboot.

I mean stick with the main cosmological setting as it is.  Just move everything else forward to now.  How technology is working within the illusion, how some of it cracking it while some of it is sealing us deeper into the false reality.  Adjust who is and isn't in control among the Archons and Death Angels.  The powers at play have all sorts of shifts within a world where the political and social structure is collapsing.

Then pull the system out and streamline the hell out of it.  Take it to the bare minimum of what is needed in concern with physical stuff like skills, abilities and all that.  Make the magic system a bit more dynamic and interacts with the illusion and reality.  Ease of doing the rituals based on knowledge of the actual reality than just a skill rating, doing the rituals near areas where the veil is crumbling can cause the desired effect to be multiplied, things like that.  Buff up the mental stuff, something akin to the Madness Meter from Unknown Armies grafted onto the positive/negative mental balance chain.  Make it affect play more often.

Put some work into the production values, get some new, cutting edge, layouts along with artwork to make your jaw drop.  Make the book look good.  Like a tome of freaking evil ready to be cracked open and used to abuse characters.

Go controversial with it, make most grim and dark settings look like a fucking walk in the god damned park.  Show them what twisted and evil shit there is and then crank it up a few more notches. 

At least that's what I would like to see. 

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