Thursday, August 7, 2014

#RPGaDAY Day Seven

"Most "Intellectual" RPG Owned" is todays #RPGaDAY.

I really don't know what to put here as I'm not entirely sure of what they mean.  The hobby seems to be chock full of people who enjoy redefining everything from time to time (like what an 'indie' game is). Hmmm...

So I'm going to wing it and go with, what I think, is the brain challenging game that I own.  Well at least challenging in the 'doing the math' department.  For this I give you Millenniums End from Chameleon Eclectic.  It's a 'few years in the future' setting where you play members of a seceurity company called Black Eagle/Black Eagle.  Pretty straight forward idea there.  Character creation can get a bit  extended but overall isn't to bad.  However when it comes time to swing a punch, pull a trigger or swing a knife may you find the patience that most will never have.

There are modifiers on top of modifiers.  Not just plus one or two, but multiplication of a number, several times.  Nothing that you need to break out the Algebra books for but there is just so much of it.  Then you also have a clear overlay target map system, that would be neat if it wasn't for the damage resolution mathwork afterwards. 

Strangely I think I own every single supplement for this game as well.

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