Saturday, August 16, 2014

#RPGaDAY Day Sixteen

"Game You Wish You Owned" is for day sixteen on #RPGaDAY.

I pretty much own every game that I really want.  But then again I've evolved into an odd breed of gamer where I don't hunt down specific printings of certain editions.  Feel no need to have the 'little brown box' or the re-release they did of it recently.  There are a couple variations and one or two modules for Twilight 2000 that I don't own, but I'm not worried about them at all.  Same with Cyberpunk from R. Talsorian games.

So I'm going to cover a rpg that I wish more people owned.

Sla Industries.  A dark cyberpunkish, psychothriller of a game that can't decide if wants to be an involved horror game or a big guns and armor game.  The creators claim its not a big guns game but some of the setting, rules and overall feel say that it is.  I think it's more of a mash of several ideas.  But damn if its not a great setting.

Lots of room to work in there, great character options, races and all that.  A really dark setting where you play what would be the bad guys in most games.  Plus the material is set for use for which ever you want, horror, psychological or big guns.  Been playing it for years and it's pretty popular in my local area.  But it seems to be popular in small pockets scattered here and there without any over all coverage.

The corebook is up for 'pay what you want' on drivethrurpg you can find it on the Nightfall Games products page.

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