Saturday, July 11, 2020

New Product Release - Squad Names

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Guns Akimbo (2019)

Guns Akimbo (2019)

I'm not sure where to begin. This movie was a lot of things going in different directions all at once. That being said it all ended up at the same spot in the end somehow. A lot of general bizarre ideas in here that kind of go together and kind of don't but here you go.

Working his dead end coding job is Miles (Daniel Radcliffe without a wand) who seemingly finds fun in trolling internet trolls while drinking. When he pisses off the wrong people and finds himself part of Schism all against his will. Waking up with a set of high capacity pistols literally bolted and nailed to his hands.

Wait, what is Schism you ask? Oh yes let me cover that real quick. It's an illegal show broadcast on the internet where they put two people up against each other in a fight to the death. Using drones, hacked security cameras and whatever else they can to track the fighting as it goes across the city. Usually they pit psychos against each other in these death matches. But this time we get Miles as one of the contestants. His opponent is their undefeated champion Nix (Samara Weaving) and she has some real motivation to kill him.

Now all this of course leads to some really messed up scenes covering such issues as trying to take a piss when you have guns bolted to your hands. Or convincing your ex girlfriend to get back with you while you are trying to pretend you aren't being chased by an insane killer and have maimed digits for fingers. Even a little bit of how to pick up the hot dog laying next to the used condom when you're hungry.

Oh and a shit load of fighting (and running for your life) scenes that keep the movie going at a rather nice pace. The bodies start piling up really quick and music picks up right along with it. Leaving you going “Holy shit” on more than one occasion.

The effects are well done across the board. Blood splatters, gun effects, very well done sets, some really wonderful costume design and so much more. They went all in to give this movie a very specific look and they achieved it. There is even a little bit of Scott Pilgrim vs the World tossed in for some nice added flavor.

Now the one thing it also does is give us a healthy dose of Black Mirror style social commentary. With a raw look at the hateful side of internet culture and the overwhelming desire to see more darker and gruesome material every day. It's not a pretty picture of what 'could be' when it comes to our society at large.

But hell things blow up, people are gunned down in massive amounts and one guy even has a special hand smashing hammer. So I'll give this movie two thumbs up. It was a fun thrill ride of a movie with a very dark side that pulled no punches.

"Go on get that hot dog, don't even think about that used condom next to it."
But sadly I doubt there will be a sequel.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Bubblebee (2018)

Bumblebee (2018)

After years of not so good to absolutely terrible Transformer movies I was not looking forward to another entry in this franchise. Of the previous five films I only managed to set through the entirety of three. So that is why I put it off this long, up until my daughter wanted to watch it and we sat down to give it a viewing.

Pleasantly surprised would be the words I would use for this film.

This is actually a fun entry that also helps give the Transformer movie universe a bit of a reboot that was long needed. From the more traditional look of the robots themselves to a plot that tones down the explosion extravaganza that was all of the previous films.  You actually get story and character development here. With characters that are actually likable to boot.

Setting the movie in the 80's allows a little more amusement than usual and the use of period music that will bring a smile to us Gen X folks who happen to be watching. That and a role for John Cena that doesn't require any actual stretch of his acting abilities. Because normally seeing Cena in a movie is a painful experience, but not here.

Go into this one expecting some really neat visuals that aren't just things blowing up. A storyline that doesn't involve just things blowing up. Don't get me wrong there is some wonderful action scenes with plenty of things going boom but they don't dominate the entire thing. You end up liking the cast and even Bumblebee comes across more likable than usual.

So in end I'm going to give this movie four stars. Something I never ever thought I would be giving to a Transformer movie.

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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Modern Occult - The Talking Wall

The Talking Wall

Tucked away in the decaying suburbia maze of the city is a strange bizarre artifact that has become known as the Talking Wall. Nobody knows who built it or when. Although the earliest anyone can find reference to the place is the 1970's in the journal of a deceased necromancer. Most deny it's existence until they actually come across it themselves.

The wall itself has stayed in pretty much the same condition as far as anyone can remember. Some have attempted to destroy or even chisel off a face but to no avail. It seems to be impervious. What it does scares some among the occult circles.

To use the wall one must be able to control magic of some sort. Even if just a little bit. They have to kneel down and kiss one of the faces and push two shots into it from their Psychic Pool. After which they press their ears up against the lips and the face will whisper to them. What they say is completely random. A person may only do this once every three months, anymore than that and there is no result.

What is the secret?
1 - Gives you the name and a dark hidden secret of somebody within the city who is in a position of power.
2 - Gives you the name of a missing person who is deceased and the location of their body somewhere on the continent.
3 - Gives you the name of a spellcaster who has used the wall before and what type of magic they know.
4 - Gives you the location of a magical artifact somewhere on the continent.
5 - Gives you a location where something important will happen in the very near future.
6 - Gives you the name of a spellcaster and their darkest hidden secret.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

WaRP GMC occult - Widow Rose

Known among various occult circles is a young woman that goes by the name of Julie, which is most likely not her real name. If anybody inquires about her actual name her response is usually "Why, is the one I gave you not good enough?" along with being put on her personal 'shit list'. She speaks with a southern USA accent and she rarely speaks among the 'mundanes' who know nothing of the society surrounding the supernatural.

What she is mainly known for is being basically an assassin for hire. Usually brought in to take care of snooping mundanes who are causing problems or killing off another cult leaders rival. She doesn't work for cash either, instead one must barter for her services. Things like written spells, ritual components and artifacts of some occult importance are what she desires the most. But she has taken payments in blood, teeth, hair and other fluids and parts of the human body.

There is actually a short ritual passed around that is used to call her. It requires a sacrifice of blood, a short chant and then phrase 'Daughter of the Widow Rose' written on parchment and burned on a candle. Within a week she will arrive, usually in a black beat up panel van, and you better be ready to make your deal right then. Summons for no reason usually end with her taking the life of the one who cast the ritual.

Artifacts: The Black Book. She carries a tome with pages that are hand sewn into it. The pages are spells that have been cast but require activation phrases to complete. Whenever she casts one of these spells the pages that contained it will burn up without harming any others. Later she will sew in new pages in write in new spells.

Other Specials: Protective Runes. She has protection magic woven into her tattoos. Any other spell or supernatural ability used on her has it's difficulty raised by 4 and even if successful the desired effect is halved.

Spell Caster: 4 - This is the trait that is used whenever she casts a spell from the book or writes a new one in. (fingers are blackened with soot and ink)

Occult Library: 3 - In her van is a large collection of books, trinkets and other objects of interest. Whenever there is a need for some sort of component or bit of information this is the roll to see if she has it. (The van is stuffed full of materials and she usually packs an over the shoulder bag with emergency items in it)

Disappear: 3 - Her, and the van when she is inside, tend to vanish when nobody is looking. Anybody trying to actively trail her will have a great deal of difficulty. (she appears out of nowhere and goes the same way when she is done)

Thursday, June 18, 2020

WaRP Cyberpunk GMC - Jekyll

Karim "Jekyll" Jahani was born into a bit of luxury. Being the son of a doctor and a corporate executive he really didn't have many worries growing up. He was a brilliant young man and quickly made his way through basic schooling and was soon followed the path of his mother into the medical field. At the top of his class he found his way into the surgical field in no time. Everything in his life was going great and didn't have a care in the world.

This all changed with the Foundation Square massacre when corporate funded police officers opened fire on protestors without warning. He was at ground zero in the hospital when the mass casualty event flooded the hallways with the wounded. After working for over 30 hours straight he finally sat down for rest and saw what was on television. The cover up of what happened, claims it was all a hoax and that very few were actually injured. Sitting there still covered in the blood of his patients he saw the bare faced reality of illusion of safety he lived in.

Karim began going out into the streets to help those in need. Wearing a mask to hide his identity he treated the injured and the sick. Spending time as a street medic for protests throughout the city. He discovered that his oath to help others was a lie where he had been before. Soon he gave up his previous life entirely and vanished into the crowded city downtown streets.

He gave himself the nickname Jekyll because he felt his life before he was a Hyde working for those who cared nothing about others. To this day he still wears a mask when he is working on the street, especially a rallies and protests. But he has a small office behind a pool hall where he resembles a more 'normal' doctor taking care of others.

Cyberware: Neural jack on his right temple with five data ports at the base of his skull. Hardwired nerves to keep his hands from moving or shaking under any circumstances. Chemical scanner at the tip of his tongue. Always carries around a small case of data chips covering a myriad of medical and surgical procedures.


Former Emergency Room Doctor: 4- He is used to taking care of injured people quickly and high pressure situations. From doing simple triage work to full blown surgical procedures. Patching people up and saving lives is something he can do. (Always has an emergency medical kit on his hip)

Knowledge of a Doctor: 3- Also being somewhat trained as a medical doctor Karim is also good at treating illnesses. Along with continually educating himself and building a reference library to work from. (Carries a backpack with basic medical equipment at all times)

Fast on his Feet: 2- After a few years on the streets and finding himself in the middle of clashes between protestors and police he has learned how to run and evade capture. (never sits back and relaxes when not in his office, always on alert)