Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cyberpunk Sunday robots, sex and cyberpunk

Some thoughts on Cyberpunk, Sex, AI and robots in a cyberpunk game world.

Inspired by this article about a conference on future tech and basically sex with robots: London sex robot conference.

First I will say this is inevitable and to a limited scale is already happening.  Basically it comes down to the simple old saying 'Sex Sells'.  Mix that with humankinds ever increasing desire for more dazzling technology and we are on the road to sexbots.  But I'll not focus on the real world here and move on into the gaming aspects.

Now one must also look at the kind of clientele businesses will attract with these and the kind of people they will sell to.  Those who are lonely, socially inept and desperate will be the initial people with cash in hand to use AI sex bots when they become available. Coming in right behind those very quickly will be people with any sort of kink that most of society finds a bit 'taboo'. 

So in your cyberpunk world you need to imagine the kind of shops that will be seen using these and how creepy they could appear to your characters.  Imagine seeing a building set up to look like a school where all the bots are made to appear as young 'under the legal age' school girls.  Double the creepy if the person paying for the time is allowed to stalk down their bot victims in a form of rape simulation.  I mean unless a lot of detailed laws are passed this would all be legal.

Sex dungeons would be normal all of sudden.  Attracting all of those with kinks or fetishes who were afraid to admit to what they wanted to a real partner because of the risk of rejection.  Entire harems could be rented out to those with the cash.  Let's not even begin to discuss celebrity look alike bots or even those who would be setting robot animals for use.

In some various society set ups it could make sex with a 'real woman or man' become a hot commodity.  Or drive the prices for human sex workers further down since bots wouldn't complain and can just be used over and over again by a line of customers all night long. 

Also, as the article linked to points out, there is some thought about the risk of being disconnected from humanity if you limit your sexual interactions with just the robot kind.  So in games like Cyberpunk 2020 there could be a chance of humanity loss after a while.  Or a development of mental issues in other games.  Another affect could be similar to those that were shown in the movie Surrogate but more limited.  Where the character would be at a loss and suffer from severe anxiety when it comes to sexual encounters with a real flesh and blood person. 

So before you introduce them into your setting be sure to think out how they fit into that society you are building.  What kind of economic side effects would be generated.  What people think of those who choose to have artificial partners over actual ones.  Not to mention classic scifi tropes like the robot that goes on a killing spree or becomes completely aware and doesn't want to do this anymore.  Also while this sort of thing adds in some great seedy under belly of society story into your games it may not be for your players. 


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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kult There Will be Blood session one

Finally got a group of players together for Kult.  Most of which had never played it before, some of which had never gamed with me before at all and some who had only been in games when I was another player.

Group breakdown.

Katie - My wife.  Hadn't gamed in many years and then had only played DnD.
Zach - Katie's son, known him for a few years, never gamed with me other than CCGs.
Lori - Old friend, had played in a few of my Kult campaigns before.
Jason - Old friend, had played in a few of my Kult campaigns before.
Sarah - Jason's girlfriend, never played in a game with before ever.
Josh - Friend who I gamed with under another a great GM for years.

Used pregenerated characters for them all.  Partly because many were unfamiliar with Kult and also because I was using a alpha version of my streamlined Kult system.  Made little name stand ups and they picked their characters solely based on their names.  They were handed a filled out character sheet and another sheet with their character history, dark secret and what they thought of the other players on it.  The stand ups were left in front of each player so they knew who was who.

All of the characters were criminals working for the same crime boss. 

Basically they were sent down to find out what happened to a guy who acts like a mule transporting drugs from the warehouse out to the dealers.  Their boss, Donavan Hume, cares more about getting what he had back rather than the actual person.  Also missing in that same area is a girl who was a local sex worker who helped other girls hook up with johns and watched over them. 

After a bit of questioning they discovered there was a new group in that area dealing a new drug and, according to rumors, eliminating some of the competition through other means.  This led them to the supposed location of operations for this new group.  They discovered the new drug was inhaled from a giant sized hookah sat up in an abandoned tenement building.  One player who took a hit had flashes of memories that weren't her own and thought it was one of the best highs she had ever had.

An eventual meeting was sat up between the guy in charge there and the group for a price that will be named at the meeting.  The boss admitted to killing both the mule and the sex worker along with selling off all the drugs he had been carrying.  When the players asked for him to pay back what they were worth he said no.  Then said the cost of the meeting was for one of them to die before they leave.  No hurry though, they can make a decision as a group who they want to kill among their ranks. 

A short bit of gunplay happened leaving the players with the upper hand.  Well until the boss vomited up his own guts onto one of the players and they started constricting around her.  Ego throws were made... not everyone made theirs... one freaked out pretty good.  Somehow the one with the guts wrapped around her held their cool.  There was more gunplay a bit of stabbing and a whole lot of panic.

The illusion buckled and glimpses of the other side were seen for a brief moment or two as the players fled the scene with very few injuries (not due to people not trying but due to my dice betraying me).  After mental balances were readjusted the players make it back to their boss, some still covered in blood splatters and some gore.  He wants the players to find out what is going on and who this new group is. 

Investigations and calling up contacts occurred over the next day or so.  They discover that not enough bodies were recovered from the scene by the police which they are afraid my be the boss.  The building is owned by a company known as Philanthropist Inc who run a high class club scene for millionaires and celebrities.  Local gun dealers haven't sold anything to anybody new lately at all so they must be from out of town OR buying their weapons from an outside source.  Drug dealers have lost business in that area because whatever the new drug is people are leaving their other addictions behind and going for that.

Session ended with the investigation going on for a couple more days which will be taken care via emails and Facebook messenger between now and the next game.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Getting out of the hobby sale part three.

Here is my third load of things I am getting rid of as I am getting out of the RPG hobby altogether.  Being books, dice or somehow gaming related for the most part.  Selling locally and to friends that I actually have met in person.

To purchase drop an email to: okay.

Crystal Caste dice set. 

Black with yellow swirls, never used and in a little flip open plastic box. 

Crystal Caste dice sets sell for 9.80 each over on their site.  I'll take 6 for this one.

Crystal Caste misc dice.

Contains 7 D10's and 3 D6's of random colors. 

Sell all ten for 5.


An RPG I got off of Kickstarter.  You can find it on Drivethrurpg HERE.

Softback black and white sells for 25.95 I will take 15 for it.

GURPS Cyberpunk set.

Contains the Gurps 3rd edition corebook, Cyberpunk, Cyberpunk Adventures and Cyberworld.

All out of print I will take 40 for the lot.

Stay tuned for another batch in a few days!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Getting out of the hobby sale part two

Here is another installment of stuff I am getting rid off.  First offers are to locals and people I have met, after that it goes to folks via social media, finally whatever is left goes to Ebay.  Only putting a few up at a time as I slowly dissolve my collection.

Contact me at if interested in purchasing any of these.

Strands of Fate.

From Voidstar Studios with their version of the FATE system.  You can see the details of this book HERE.  I have the currently sold out softcover version which is what that listing is for. 

Regular price was 29.99 and I will take 20 for it. 

Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition

Full color and dirt cheap version of the Savage Worlds rules. 

Regular price was 9.99 and I will take 7 for it.

World of Necroscope (book not boxed set)

From WEG. A Masterbook series for those who know.  Doing a few searches online I see it selling for around 20 to 25 bucks.  I will take 18 for it.

Inscrutable Puzzlements.

Got this via Kickstarter HERE.  Also available via Drivethrurpg HERE.  I have the softcover version of the book.

It cost me 20 and I will take 12 for it. 

Old World Armoury.

Hardcover sourcebook for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay released by Black Industries.  Details on the book can be found HERE. 

Prices it has sold for on Ebay are all over the place but I will take 25 for it.

More books coming soon in part three of the sale.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Getting out of the hobby sale number one

Here is my first load (of many) of things I am getting rid of as I am getting out of the RPG hobby altogether.  So I figured the first thing to do should be some sets of dice that I have which have never even been used.  Most from Kickstarters.  Selling locally and to friends that I actually have met in person.

To purchase drop an email to: okay.

Thorn Dice Set. SOLD.

This is a 3D printed set of dice ordered off of Shapeways.  High quality and very detailed.  They roll well BUT are almost weightless.  So they tend to bounce oddly and feel strange in your hand.  This is due to the fact that there is nothing in the center... ah the coolness of 3D printers.  Mine are a dark grey color, almost a primer grey, which doesn't seem to be offered anymore.

Here is the page where I bought the dice from: Thorn Dice Set

Double D6 Dice.

Got these through a Kickstarter.  Got two of each: flat green black dots, flat red white dots, flat black green dots, flat black white dots, marble purple with gold dots, marble blue with white dots and marble green with gold dots.  That's fourteen dice in a 'DoubleSix' branded dice bag.

Here is the website at which they are sold now: Double Six Dice

Going for 1.50 to 1.75 for each die. I'll take 14 bucks.

Ceramic Dice Set.  SOLD.

From another Kickstarter.  These are some heavy dice and you can hear them roll on the table.  Not quite metal dice but the equal to stone dice.  These are red (although the red is a bit faded in color) with green numbers.  Standard die set.

Here is the website for them now: Black Rock Relics

Fate Dice.

From yet another Kickstater... seeing a trend here?  Two sets of Fudge dice used with FATE and Fudge powered games.  One set is clear green the other is clear purple... well it's supposed to be clear purple... but it's damn near black unless you hold it up to the light.  Comes with two small dice bags.

Here is the Kickstarter they came from: Fudge Dice Infusion

It cost me 17 dollars for these.  I'll take 10 if anyone is of the FATE fan group.

Like I said up above, email me if interested. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Jaded Gamer - The End

I'm done it's over. 

I'm a gamer who doesn't have time to game.  I'm a gamer who doesn't have any free cash to spend on anything.  I'm a gamer who hasn't got to be a gamer for years now. 

So I'm waving goodbye at the hobby I've known for decades.  It's time to move on, box the books and dice up and put them away.  Not like I use them anymore anyways.  No longer having to see the idiotic division between gamer 'factions' on the internet.  No jackasses telling people their type of gaming is wrong.  No dumbasses telling people they should go hug their bully.  The drama camps can all go piss up a rope.

The game companies that want to charge stupid prices for core books making their buy in absolutely ridiculous can fuck off as well.  As can the ones who treated their backers like shit after we paid for their success. 

To many jackass talking heads who are only talking out of their asses.  Acting like they are some sort of elite level of gamer because they use some different jargon or have a podcast.  To many pricks getting all pissy when somebody questions their definition of what a roleplaying game is.

You have all poisoned the well, tainted the hobby.  Toxic fucks, the MRA's, SJW's, Edition Warriors, etc... the whole fucking lot.  Worthless.

This blog is at an end.  My involvement with gaming is at an end.  I'm finished, burned out, had enough.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Jaded Gamer - What I miss.

Since the advent of the publicly accessible internet there have been gamers using it. Hell there were gamers using it before most of the world had even heard of such a thing.  One period of that time is something that I really miss... a lot. I often refer to it as the 'wild west' of the world wide web.  Let me talk about that a bit.

Do you remember Geocities, WBS, xoom, etc.  You know all those sites where you could host a little webpage on for free.  Maybe a couple of ads would pop up (or none if you did the html right) but the cost was absolutely nothing.  Yeah, those were the days.  There were so many webpages for gaming there was absolutely no way of going through even a small percentage of them.  Just type into a search engine and see what comes up for your favorite game.  Or, better yet, was when you found a webring for pages dedicated to your favorite game.  Early rough edged forum services were all over the place, again for free, just begging for people to use them.  Everybody who had a page had a section of weblinks to other pages, sometimes sprawling long lists.  Your measure of success was how many hits your little counter racked up and how many people linked back to your work.

Yeah... those were the days.  I loved digging through all that, sifting out the diamonds from the dirt.  Copy pasting the awesome shit to print out for use at your table.  All while trying to promote my own pages.  People were using scanned in artwork from wherever they could find it.  Not to mention all the little moving gifs as well (I had a chains hanging in fire gif that was so cool back in the day....).  Or finding a listserv to share what were working on with others of the same interest.

The online gaming community felt so much more alive back then.  You could see other people trying to hand their ideas out to whoever would listen.  Working together to create a fanbase for their favorite game (fist bump to all the veterans of the Kult listserv out there). 

Some game companies loved this era.  The amount of fans they could reach out to AND the number of fans that would freely promote their games.  Some companies even put out promotional kits for people running webpages.  They had logo's, some art and such for you to use for free.  Hell it was free promotion so why not?  I really wish more companies would do that today.

I miss this era of online gaming community.  Though I understand what happened and why it started to die.  Companies discovered there really was no money in hosting webpages for people so they folded or closed up shop.  Dedicated forums began to spring up more and more pulling people to just be interactive there.  Finally the dawn of blogging and social media put the nails in the coffin.  While there are still some of us who do still host our own pages (or sites now as we pay for them), do our own html and still hope people find their way to our little hole on the web.  It's not the same.

I want that wild west back.