Sunday, February 23, 2020

Horror Gaming - Sanctuary


Of course the clandestine societies that exist within the supernatural circles tend to get aggressive from time to time. Sometimes you may find yourself at the center of that aggression and need a place to lay low for a while until the heat blows over. That's where the fine folks at Sanctuary come in. They promise to take you someplace completely off the map for how ever many days you can afford to pay for. They claim you can't be tracked by any means, traditional or occult, so you can spend your time waiting at ease.

Getting there.

Sanctuary representatives pass through various places of commerce and interest to the occult minded on a regular basis. Dressed in an all black doormans outfit, usually and older man or woman, always courteous and polite. They will hand out business cards to anyone who asks. The cards simply state the name 'Sanctuary' and a phone number followed with the line 'call for reservations'.

When you call you will be talking with an operator and the immediate questions are how long you will be staying and how you will be paying. They accept all current forms of currency, will also accept various objects and items of occult interest and, if you are well known enough, you can even trade in promises of services in the future. The prices are never the same but they are always steep. Objects will get you the most days, especially if they are something unique or of some renown. When the desired deal is met they will give you a nearby address to get entrance at.

At the location given you will meet another doorman in the some outfit. It may be in a private home, in the back streets of a slum, inside a business, anywhere. But they will be there in front of a door waiting for you to show up. With a smile the door will be opened and you will step through into someplace completely different from where you were, the doorman will follow closing the door behind and will then lead you to the front desk of the lobby where you can check in and make your payment.

Sanctuary itself appears to be a lavish five star hotel of immense size. You show up inside the lobby doors surrounded by large comfortable chairs, tables, a fountain on either side and various people milling about. Once you step through the door you cannot go back through, you are there until you inform the front desk that you need to leave. In the hotel you find every luxury you can imagine, indoor swimming pool, private spas, a restaurant that rivals the best in the world, a small casino, everything.

Your room will have a mini bar, private bedroom, a bathroom big enough to ballroom dance in. Everything you could possibly need. Room service is available, laundry, you can phone the desk for something you forgot like a shaving razor to medicine. There is even an in house escort service should your desire be in that area.

The big thing missing is windows. There are no windows to the outside at all, no doors leading out that can be opened except by a doorman. Any attempt to figure out where you are, magical or not, will end in failure.

When your negotiated time has run out you simply go to the front desk and tell them you are ready to check out, you will not be allowed to leave until that time has come. In short order a doorman will show up and lead you to the front door and open it for you. You will always appear back where you originally entered from and the door will close behind you. Your clothing and anything you had with you will be in the exact same shape as it was when you passed through originally. Any notes you had written down will be gone, anything you left behind will be back on your person except for the payment. You will appear as if you never left but you will still have been gone for the set amount of days.

What's going on?

The doormen are a small cabal of highly skilled sorcerers who specialize in creating and maintaining a pocket dimension of their own creation. When anyone else passes through a door they open to Sanctuary they fall into a hallucinogenic trance and their body shifts into a magic stasis. The payment is removed from the customer and they share what is basically a 'dream world' of sorts with everyone else who is currently in that pocket dimension inside the hotel. All of the experiences there are simply 'all in their head'. Although while actual material possessions aren't exchanged once a person leaves any actual knowledge they may have learned stays with them along with all the memories of being in the hotel.

The cabal itself has made itself very rich over the years and acquired a great deal of various artifacts, many of which they later sell on the black markets. Nobody is the wiser and they do actually provide the service they offer. The customer is safe for that set period of time no matter what.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Wyrms Footnotes rereleased on DrivethruRPG

A blast from the past. Chaosium releases a digital recreation of their old gaming magazine 'Wyrms Footnotes'. When I say recreation I mean they didn't just scan them in and be done with it, they had their layout team remake them completely as closely as they could to look like the originals.

Which is way cool if you ask me.

All fourteen issues that ran from 1976 to 1982 are available now in a bundle over at DrivethruRPG.

I know I've added them to my wishlist as it's always nice to see some gaming history being rereleased for a new generation.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Tagger Magic from Truly Rural Productions

In the modern era occultists use painted street art to channel magic into reality altering spells. But with after effects that could tear apart the streets around them. Tagger Magic is set using the WaRP OGL from Atlas Games but is simple enough that it could be transferred over to others systems with ease. So grab some spray cans and change the city around you.

Get it over at DrivethruRPG now!


Thursday, January 9, 2020

Horror - Serial Killers Grisly Trophies

The serial killer is taking grisly trophies, what is it? Roll a D10 and find out.

1 – The eyes of their victim.

2 – They are drawing blood from the victim while they are still alive.

3 – They are making imprints of the fingertips of their victim judging by the ink they leave behind.

4 – The heads of the victims are completely shaved and the hair is no where to be found at the scene.

5 – A section of the spinal column of the victim is removed with almost surgical precision.

6 – Any portion of the victims skin that had a tattoo has been peeled away in an apparently intact strip.

7 – A hole has been drilled into the back of the victims skull and the brain liquefied and removed.

8 – The left hand of every victim has been removed with meticulous care.

9 – All of the victims have had their tongues viciously removed.

10 – The ears have been sliced away in one deft cut.
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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Horror - It looks human except for

The thing is disguised as human, what mutant feature shines through to give it away?

1 – Their fingernails are thick, black and pointed.

2 – The eyes always face straight forward and never move side to side.

3 – There are slits on the side of it's neck that it's breathing through instead of their mouth.

4 – Down their spine there are barbs of bone protruding through the skin.

5 – The skin doesn't fit quite right and they keep tugging it tight on their hands and face when it stats to sag a little.

6 – When they speak their lip movement doesn't match the words quite right and if you look closely you don't see a tongue either.

7 – When startled they turn their almost completely around to see what happened.

8 – The ears and nose don't actually have holes, they go in for a bit but you can see they end in a layer of skin just inside.

9 – When touching them the skin is softer than it should be and even where there should be bones it is almost rubbery.

10 – It doesn't seem to notice stimulus on the skin. Like insect crawling on them, scrapes, cuts or even stuff like acid burning into it.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Horror - Bloody writing

Things for characters to find written or drawn in blood.

1 – The names of the family and friends of one of the characters.

2 – Tomorrows date along with the words “It all comes to and end”.

3 – A very detailed portrait of one of the party members.

4 – A map of their home in ink with certain spots marked with a bloody x.

5 – All of the characters initials and blood types.

6 – The names of local missing children and the names of who have been found dead have been smeared partially out.

7 – The name of one of the characters long deceased relatives.

8 – Child sized bloody handprints and the blood is very fresh.

9 – The name and dates of three locals who have very recently died and the name and future dates of three locals who are still alive, one of the characters being among the living.

10 – The words “We are on the other side help us” and the blood appears to be oozing from the wall instead of being written there.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Truly Rural Productions going into 2020

I fell completely off the horse this year with Truly Rural Productions. Accomplishing very little and releasing nothing. Hopefully in 2020 I can reverse this trend and get some stuff done. Here is what I have in mind.

WaRPed Fantasy - a series of small 6 to 10 page releases for fantasy gaming using the WaRP rules system.

Welcome to the City - my long term project of building my own rpg. May be using the WaRP system as its base.

Horror Gaming - Compiling various horror gaming related blog articles together into a single release. Much like I did with the Be A Better Player posts.

Stock Art - Well, just need to get more of it up.