Monday, August 4, 2014

#RPGaDAY day four

"Most Recent RPG Purchase" is what #RPGaDAY says I need to talk about now.

Well my buying habits have been greatly reduced over the years.  I've honestly sold three times more than I have bought, at least three time, maybe more.  But occasionally I still buy stuff.

It was Ryubix Manor most recently.  It was self published by a local gamer who ran a successful Kickstarter to get his funding.  I somehow missed backing it but I bought a copy from him through Amazon (so I could give him some good feedback). Had already looked through the proof copy he got weeks before and liked what I saw.  Also I have put up a review for it.

Ryubix Manor review

Hopefully it sounds like something you are interested in and snag up a copy.  I'm always one to support local gamers.

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