Friday, September 23, 2016

Getting out of the hobby sale part three.

Here is my third load of things I am getting rid of as I am getting out of the RPG hobby altogether.  Being books, dice or somehow gaming related for the most part.  Selling locally and to friends that I actually have met in person.

To purchase drop an email to: okay.

Crystal Caste dice set. 

Black with yellow swirls, never used and in a little flip open plastic box. 

Crystal Caste dice sets sell for 9.80 each over on their site.  I'll take 6 for this one.

Crystal Caste misc dice.

Contains 7 D10's and 3 D6's of random colors. 

Sell all ten for 5.


An RPG I got off of Kickstarter.  You can find it on Drivethrurpg HERE.

Softback black and white sells for 25.95 I will take 15 for it.

GURPS Cyberpunk set.

Contains the Gurps 3rd edition corebook, Cyberpunk, Cyberpunk Adventures and Cyberworld.

All out of print I will take 40 for the lot.

Stay tuned for another batch in a few days!

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