Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Getting out of the hobby sale part two

Here is another installment of stuff I am getting rid off.  First offers are to locals and people I have met, after that it goes to folks via social media, finally whatever is left goes to Ebay.  Only putting a few up at a time as I slowly dissolve my collection.

Contact me at peteramthor@gmail.com if interested in purchasing any of these.

Strands of Fate.

From Voidstar Studios with their version of the FATE system.  You can see the details of this book HERE.  I have the currently sold out softcover version which is what that listing is for. 

Regular price was 29.99 and I will take 20 for it. 

Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition

Full color and dirt cheap version of the Savage Worlds rules. 

Regular price was 9.99 and I will take 7 for it.

World of Necroscope (book not boxed set)

From WEG. A Masterbook series for those who know.  Doing a few searches online I see it selling for around 20 to 25 bucks.  I will take 18 for it.

Inscrutable Puzzlements.

Got this via Kickstarter HERE.  Also available via Drivethrurpg HERE.  I have the softcover version of the book.

It cost me 20 and I will take 12 for it. 

Old World Armoury.

Hardcover sourcebook for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay released by Black Industries.  Details on the book can be found HERE. 

Prices it has sold for on Ebay are all over the place but I will take 25 for it.

More books coming soon in part three of the sale.

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