Friday, September 16, 2016

Getting out of the hobby sale number one

Here is my first load (of many) of things I am getting rid of as I am getting out of the RPG hobby altogether.  So I figured the first thing to do should be some sets of dice that I have which have never even been used.  Most from Kickstarters.  Selling locally and to friends that I actually have met in person.

To purchase drop an email to: okay.

Thorn Dice Set. SOLD.

This is a 3D printed set of dice ordered off of Shapeways.  High quality and very detailed.  They roll well BUT are almost weightless.  So they tend to bounce oddly and feel strange in your hand.  This is due to the fact that there is nothing in the center... ah the coolness of 3D printers.  Mine are a dark grey color, almost a primer grey, which doesn't seem to be offered anymore.

Here is the page where I bought the dice from: Thorn Dice Set

Double D6 Dice.

Got these through a Kickstarter.  Got two of each: flat green black dots, flat red white dots, flat black green dots, flat black white dots, marble purple with gold dots, marble blue with white dots and marble green with gold dots.  That's fourteen dice in a 'DoubleSix' branded dice bag.

Here is the website at which they are sold now: Double Six Dice

Going for 1.50 to 1.75 for each die. I'll take 14 bucks.

Ceramic Dice Set.  SOLD.

From another Kickstarter.  These are some heavy dice and you can hear them roll on the table.  Not quite metal dice but the equal to stone dice.  These are red (although the red is a bit faded in color) with green numbers.  Standard die set.

Here is the website for them now: Black Rock Relics

Fate Dice.

From yet another Kickstater... seeing a trend here?  Two sets of Fudge dice used with FATE and Fudge powered games.  One set is clear green the other is clear purple... well it's supposed to be clear purple... but it's damn near black unless you hold it up to the light.  Comes with two small dice bags.

Here is the Kickstarter they came from: Fudge Dice Infusion

It cost me 17 dollars for these.  I'll take 10 if anyone is of the FATE fan group.

Like I said up above, email me if interested. 

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