Friday, September 9, 2016

Jaded Gamer - The End

I'm done it's over. 

I'm a gamer who doesn't have time to game.  I'm a gamer who doesn't have any free cash to spend on anything.  I'm a gamer who hasn't got to be a gamer for years now. 

So I'm waving goodbye at the hobby I've known for decades.  It's time to move on, box the books and dice up and put them away.  Not like I use them anymore anyways.  No longer having to see the idiotic division between gamer 'factions' on the internet.  No jackasses telling people their type of gaming is wrong.  No dumbasses telling people they should go hug their bully.  The drama camps can all go piss up a rope.

The game companies that want to charge stupid prices for core books making their buy in absolutely ridiculous can fuck off as well.  As can the ones who treated their backers like shit after we paid for their success. 

To many jackass talking heads who are only talking out of their asses.  Acting like they are some sort of elite level of gamer because they use some different jargon or have a podcast.  To many pricks getting all pissy when somebody questions their definition of what a roleplaying game is.

You have all poisoned the well, tainted the hobby.  Toxic fucks, the MRA's, SJW's, Edition Warriors, etc... the whole fucking lot.  Worthless.

This blog is at an end.  My involvement with gaming is at an end.  I'm finished, burned out, had enough.

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