Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sla Industries - Almost Meat Stix

A resource for the Sla Industries RPG. 

Ask anyone Downtown about what is their favorite snack when they want something that resembles meat and tastes great and you will get one answer. Almost Meat Stix. Sold across downtown in convenience stores, spirit shops, corner markets, bars and even at Madame Shades chain of higher class brothels. These wonderful meatlike slivers of joy are great for an anytime snack.

Each Almost Meat Stix costs only 3 uni and come in a variety of flavors. Almost Original, Almost Spicy, Almost Sweet and even Almost Haggis for our Frother customers. Don't forget to pick up a pack of Almost Cheese Stix to go with it at their low cost of 2 uni. Two great tastes that go Almost together.

Basic Sponsorship package.

Operative is required to wear a plastic curved wrap on their upper leg. Held in place with elastic straps, colored meaty red with the Almost logo in bright yellow.

The Operative receives 1 credit per month. They receive an additional 4 credits for each time they appear on television with the logo visible. There is a maximum of 20 credits payed out per month.

The operative also receives a special Almost delivery service and receive a pack once every month containing a random assortment of Almost products.

Advanced Sponsorship package.

Achieved once they have collected 40 credits in payout.

The logo leg wrap is upgraded to a higher more durable grade of plastic and is held in place with Velcro straps or Friction Tape.

Operative receives the same payout but the maximum per month is raised to 40.

Their Almost delivery now comes in every two weeks.

Levels beyond this are all privately negotiated.

Frother Operative Finn “Final” MacGregor has been using their sponsorship for years. Has multiple coats, hats, boots and even some custom armor with the “Almost” logo sprayed across them. He also appears in many of their television ads with the tag lines of “It's Almost good!” and “All the meat you can Almost eat”.

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