Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pathfinder vs D&D 4th ed.

Just got back from the local comic/game shop. It's a rarity that I get to go there anymore with my full time job and raising both of my kids. They aren't old enough to be trusted in there without tearing stuff up so I have to elect just not to go but once in a great while. I was looking for a couple of comics a friend on facebook wrote (Project Superman and Rocketeer Adventures) but more about those later.

Talked with Dave (the owner) for a while about a few things. One thing came to mind that I had to ask him. The CEO of paizo recently made the claim that Pathfinder books are outselling D&D books (haven't read the actual claim myself but have seen several people talking about it). Dave agreed that this is currently the trend at his shop. Pathfinder is the number one seller when it comes to books. Overall, if you count other D&D products, they come in number two because he sells quite a few of the D&D Dungeon Tiles.

I found it interesting to see what is basically the older version of the D20 rules selling better than the new version. Plus he also noted that he still gets people in asking him to find 3.0 and 3.5 stuff. Now of course this appears to only be print copies of the books sold through distributors and not every shop will be the same. Not to mention we have no idea how much is coming in from DDI online.


  1. Pathfinder is actually pretty good. More of a streamlined version of 3.0. I was having fun with it.

  2. I've heard lots of good things about it. Some even refer to it as 3.25 in it's d20 standing of development. But for my personal tastes it isn't on my list of games to buy or run. Although I would probably play in a game somebody else was running with it.

  3. i and my 4 other friends greatly enjoy playing pathfinder every friday from 5 to 12