Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cyberpunk 2020 role: DJ


Charismatic Leadership

Wardrobe & Style
Play Instrument

Starting cash same as a Rockerboy.

You are the lone performer up in front of the crowded club. You don't have a band backing you. It's just you and the equipment you bring with. Mixing, overlays and mash ups, this is what you do. Taking samples from anywhere between two to two hundred songs, laying in some beats behind them along with fades, swipes and scratches and making it one stream that will move an entire audience. You do this in front of them, all eyes and ears on you, timing is everything. You get good enough and people will come from miles to hear you, you get better and they will fly from other countries, you become the best and they all will do what you say.

You have a lot in common with the Rockerboy. But you are a bit different. You mind works differently and instead of a single instrument you have a board with the ability to use songs as instruments. You are a bit tech savy along with some programming skill, this helps you put on a good show. Just remember to keep your head in the scene or get left behind.

Note: Watch for Cyberpunk Sunday 006 where I will cover entertainment a bit. Having some direct influence on this role and along with some other ones I am thinking of. Considering making a little sourcebook with various roles that are all entertainers and variants of the Rockerboy.

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